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Live your Aloha! The Ultimate Oahu Guide…

I was recently provide a link to the Ultimate Guide to Visiting Oahu and I was amazed at all the information provided on one page! It is a great resource to check out the best of the best on Oahu, and I have done many of must-do attractions described and eaten at almost all of […]

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Hawaii With Friends Day 6: Sunny Days, North Shore Take II, MW Restaurant

Since we were rained out on Monday (Day 4) which was our planned day to the North Shore, we chose today to attempt it again, rain or shine. My friends were leaving the next day and it was our last chance to see the beautiful north which I had been raving about when planning our trip. […]

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Oahu March 2013 – Day 9

Ok, I know, it’s 2015 and this post is very much delayed but since we’ve been traveling a lot I haven’t had time to finish previous trip reports before starting new ones! I had this post written up before but adding the pictures took time, and I definitely wanted to complete this trip report before […]

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