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Kauai 2015 – Hawaiian Air JFK to Lihue, Arriving at Hale Ko in Poipu

We’ve been back from Kauai for a few days now and I miss the warm sunny weather, lying on the beach, and yummy-licious acai bowls! It was such a lovely, laid-back vacation peppered with a lot of exploring and eating! Getting there was not easy as we had left right after a snowstorm hit the tri-state […]

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One month until Kauai!

It’s countdown time until our next Hawaiian vacation…to Kauai! Thank goodness because it’s been really cold in NY/NJ, and it’s about to snow this weekend. I can’t wait to escape the chill! I’ve written about our Kauai vacation plans so far here and here, but in all honesty I haven’t not planned much else since […]

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Our next Hawaii trip…dreaming of Kauai in 2015

Our only trip to the Garden Isle, Kauai, was back in January of 2010. We went with Steve’s parents, older brother, and sister-in-law and had a fantastic time! It is literally the most stunningly beautiful island. It’s always been my dream to return some day, but the airfare to Kauai was always the most expensive […]

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