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Oahu March 2013 – Day 8

This is Day 8 of our 10-day Oahu adventure back in March 2013 (late posting, I know, but better late than never!). To read all previous posts on our trip, click HERE.

We woke up to another beautiful day – perfect for hanging on the lanai making short work of the fruit basket we received from The Turtle Bay Resort the night before.

After breakfast I went down to Spa Luana for my pedicure. Since the Turtle Bay resort was under renovation…the spa treatment rooms were actually temporarily located in guest rooms which have been modified to a makeshift spa. Lo and behold, the pedicure room was right next to our room on the 2nd floor! LOL I would buy generic propecia 5mg have saved myself a trip downstairs if I had known. My pedicure was nice and relaxing. The lanai doors were open and there was wave sounds being played on the clock radio/nature sound mimicker. I picked a nice bright orange-y shade. I love all-year flip flop weather and was not looking forward to leaving the next day.

After my pedicure dried, I went the whopping 2 yards over to our room to change and head to the pool. I expected the hubs to be at the pool already but he was being lazy watching tv and hanging on the lanai so we went down together. We plopped ourselves on chairs and I order a lava flow immediately. I’ve been waiting for one all week! Mmmm it’s good.

After a few hours at the pool, watching the surfers, getting our tan on, we were ready for some lunch. But first had to stop at the telescope in the lobby to see if there were any whales. We did see a whale tail!

Scouting for whales

I said we should go check out another shrimp truck, so we drove to Haleiwa – then I saw Kua’aina Sandwich – and I really want to try it too. So after flip flopping back and forth we decided to give Macky’s shrimp a go and grab Kua‘aina later. At Macky’s there wasn’t much of a wait, and we order a platter of the spicy shrimp. It’s served with rice, a side salad and a little pineapple spear. The shrimp were good, the sauce was spicy but not too spicy. I liked the quality of the shrimp at Macky’s a lot.

Macky’s Shrimp Truck in Haleiwa

Macky’s delicious spicy shrimp

After our first lunch, we walked around Haleiwa. I was able to go into a lot of the little boutiques that I’ve never been in before. They were great if you like chic expensive beachwear, but there is always a sale rack, which is where I usually head to. I also stopped by Coffee Gallery for some iced kona coffee. Yum. Pretty soon, we’re at Kua’aina ordering our second lunch. I decided I must have more avocado, so we order a BLT with avocado, an iced tea, and fries. The sandwich is super delicious. I love the toasted whole grain bread,the crisp bacon with the fresh veggies and creamy avocado. It can’t get better than this!

Second lunch at Kua’aina – delicious BLT

Look at the delicious avocado!

So now…what’s for dessert. Should we get shave ice at Matsumoto’s or Ted’s bakery? Because I can’t have too much sugar, I can’t go my usual route where I would have gone for both in the same day. So today…we decided on Ted’s Bakery.

We drove back to Sunset Beach to Ted’s. We looked at the flavors in the refrigerated cases…I knew I wanted the chocolate haupia (coconut) pie, but I thought I may want to try other flavors too, but dear hubs, always the one who has to get the best deal, convinces me to get an ENTIRE pie instead of 4 different slices. His reasoning is that the pie is about the cost of 4 slices and if we eat one slice a day each for the next 2 days, it would have been worth it. My reasoning is that what if I don’t like chocolate haupia (I know, it was a long shot) and I regret getting that flavor? He gives me a look and I know that he’s right, I love chocolate and love coconut, so the two combined in a pie topped with whipped cream…heavenly!! We bought our whole pie and had a slice each right in front of Ted’s sitting at the picnic tables. Lot’s of others there too, sharing ONE slice of pie or maybe TWO. I think we’re the only 2 gluttons eating a whole pie. Oh well. We’re not sharing.

It is cheaper to get a whole pie than to get 8 separate slices. But it just the two of us!

Chocolate haupia pie – chocolate pudding topped with coconut pudding and whipped cream on a crisp crust.

Back at Turtle Bay with the rest of the pie in the fridge, we went to check out the beach area. We found chairs with no difficulty. Hubs tried a little snorkeling and said it wasn’t too bad, saw some cool fish. After a while, the beach staff told us they have to put away the chairs soon as sunset was approaching and the beach area closes, so we decided to move back to the pool area. The sunset really is beautiful from the resort and I kept taking pictures with my phone.

The beach area at Turtle Bay Resort


Another Turtle Bay sunset pic just because they are awesome

We went back to the room to clean up and thought about dinner. I was tired and didn’t want to sit in a restaurant. I wish there were more casual options for dinner close to the resort, but everything in Haleiwa was at least 30 minutes away, so we decided to try the poke bowls at Kahuku Superette about 15 minutes away.

Kahuku Superette is a little grocery store in Kahuku. It’s located near the Tita’s Grill and the Giovanni’s shrimp truck in that area. We walk in and head back to the seafood section and we see the poke. We ask for 2 poke bowls. I select the shoyu and hubs gets the limu. The portions are generous (they didn’t charge for the rice as some places do) and the prices were great. My huge portion of fresh ahi poke over rice was about 12 dollars. That’s cheaper than a pupu at one of the restaurants at the resort, and is probably far better tasting!

I started to eat my poke bowl in the car because I really don’t like my poke and rice to be sitting too long – I like my ahi cold and my rice hot. Hubs doesn’t really mind either way. It was super good. I really enjoyed both the shoyu and limu. Ono Seafood…you have some stiff competition!! After finishing our poke bowls back in the room, we split another slice of pie while watching TV – there were some entertaining shows on Time Warner Oceanic’s channel about some Hawaiian tourists visiting areas of Japan. They were eating really interesting things, like ramen made with milk, and steamed buns cooked in heat from sulphur springs. I got a kick out of watching it.

Fantastic tubs of poke from Kahuku Superette

This was the limu poke. Limu is a type of seaweed.

That’s the end of a great day on the north shore of Oahu! Our vacation was coming to an end soon…boo. Next up, our last full day on Oahu. Would it rain or shine?

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