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Happy Birthday to my BFF, Kelly!

Kelly and I have known each other for a loooong time. It was my freshman year in college when we got to know each other – trust me, it was a while ago. And today she turns the big 4-0!! Happy Birthday Kelly!

Here are some pics taken a long time ago:

This was on a cruise we took back in 2003…I’d like to think we still look the same. Hehe


My birthday in 2004…here she is with her hubby, Honyee


Here’s us from a trip to Puerto Rico in 2004 to celebrate her bachelorette


Here she is on her wedding day…I was her Maid of Honor!



Then she had Sophie…whom I was so attached to and still am. She is my new BFF.




She was all belly and all cheek. Gosh I miss that baby fat!


At my wedding rehearsal…Kelly was my Matron of Honor and Sophie was my little troublemaker flower girl who didn’t walk yet. Still the best flower girl ever.


Walking down the aisle on our wedding day. Yes Sophie gave everyone the finger.


Kelly giving her Matron of Honor speech at our wedding


Sophie finally learned how to walk


And she was a flower girl again at my sister Ying’s wedding


and then a few years later her baby sister Amelia arrived


Another cheeky baby!


This picture just cracks me up. So cute!


Kelly and her beautiful girls. Amelia still cross-eyed.


Amelia got older, and soon looked just like Sophie…


Right? They look so much alike.


With their daddy


I wonder what team they root for…? J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!


This is such a cute one.

We celebrated Kelly’s birthday by going to a Broadway show, Rock of Ages, and then getting our drink on at the new bar at the Hudson Hotel, called Henry. After that, we boozed it up even more at A Voce in the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. It was such a fun night. Here are some pics from Saturday night:

Mixology-type drinks at Henry…some worked, some didn’t. Don’t order anything called the Rum-something. It was gross.


this one with the carrot miso in it was much better.


Cheers! with our friends Nancy and Janet celebrating Kelly’s birthday. Pic from Nancy.


With our other friend, Dave. Pic by Nancy


Cheers to such a huge birthday! 


Although you don’t look a day over 30!!

Happy Birthday to my BFF, Kelly. I couldn’t have gone through my adult years without you.

You were the only one who understood my humor and my obsession with food. And Hawaii. And food in Hawaii. Aloha!

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