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Caylee 1 Week + Eva Walking!

This blog post features two of my favorite people…my nieces Eva and Caylee! Caylee was born just a week ago and is already so smart and alert. Eva is 13 months old and just started walking! Here are some pics I snapped of them while visiting home in NJ. All pics were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II, with either a 50mm 1.4 or 70-200mm 2.8, with minimal processing. Most of them are SOOC! (That’s Straight Out Of Camera lingo for photogs).

Happy 1 week Caylee!






smiling when sleeping…so cute!



wide awake!


she has a habit of winking with her right eye


fast asleep


Eva is turning buy cheap propecia 5mg into a rambunctious toddler…already crawling up stairs and learning to walk. It’s fun (but tiring) chasing after her! She does enjoy having her picture taken though. Ham.

this is Eva doing “Earmuffs!”


I rarely have my picture with Eva since I’m usually behind the lens…so Eva’s mommy, Ming took these of us.


Eva learning to walk!



my favorite!


after she walked to me she turned back around to mommy


heading back to mommy


yay she did it!!


Hope everyone had an aloha-filled weekend! I sure did, with a boozy Saturday with my best friend Kelly who turned 4-0!! Post soon to come…


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