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September in NYC – San Gennaro Festival

My hometown, NYC, is famous for it’s street fairs which run all over the city from spring to fall, but none is more famous or more popular than the San Gennaro festival which takes place in Little Italy beginning in September. For many, it’s a sign that fall is almost here! For me, it’s getting together with good friends and partaking in some of NYC’s finest Italian street food. Here’s some iphone photos from last night.

I’ll start with my eating buddy, Michael James. Isn’t he just the cutest?!? And look at those eyes…heartbreaker. He’s my friend, Katie’s son.

my buddy, Michael


welcome welcome!


The closed-off streets were packed with people and vendors

Here are just a few of the foods we saw and ate. Sorry some pics are blurry. It was dark and I was hungry!

Delicious thin-crust pizzas


We got the tie dye pizza, with pesto, tomato and vodka sauces

I spy…red velvet cannolis!!

various Italian pastries

some interesting eats

the eggplant parm online pharmacy usa no prescription “fries” that my friend, Nina got. Not bad but tasted like breading.

and here’s the tabasco tots which we devoured, but not because they were really good (they were not as crunchy as I’d like), but there were 8 of us, and we were hungry!

you can even find lobster!

I was on a mission however, to find some Italian sausage…but not just any Italian sausage…it’s topped with brocolli rabe. We cound it at the Gi Gi’s Italian food stall. Mmmm! Thanks Nina for the discovery!

coils of sweet and hot Italian sausage on the grill

you can top your sausage with anything…we chose traditional sausage and peppers, a long hot pepper (pictured on the shelf below the rabe) and of course the broccolli rabe.

making our sausage sandwich

the finished creation…doesn’t it look yum? It was hard to eat because we kept dropping bits of onion and pepper everywhere, and the rabe was cut in such large pieces…but it was worth it!

Can’t wait till next year…

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