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A MAGICal Cruise with Disney: Day at Sea Part 2 – Dinner at Carioca’s

After our gastronomical brunch at Palo, we was really full, but walking around the ship did help. By the time it was 3:00pm I was so ready for my spa appt! I had booked a Marine Collagen facial prior to boarding the ship. I realized that there were more discounted treatments on port days, so I will be sure to take advantage of that next time.

The Senses Spa exterior was newly renovated but the inside treatment rooms were pretty much the original design. It was fine though, and reminded me a bit of the Grand Floridian in decor.

Spa treatment room:


[?IMG]My facial was very nice and all the tension in my neck and shoulders melted away. I also did notice my face was having a reaction to the sunscreen I was using especially when I was sweating in the heat too, so the facialist recommended some products for me. I actually really liked the products so I did buy them but I didn’t feel pressure to do so.

After my facial, I hung out in the room for a bit. I relaxed and had a glass of wine on the verandah. I just love the view.

[?IMG]The blue waters of the Caribbean….so lovely!!

[?IMG]Pretty soon we had to get ready for dinner. The only problem with the early seating is that you will probably not be ravenous unless you skip lunch, eat an early lunch, or a light lunch. It’s ok. It has never stopped me from eating a full dinner, but it may be an issue for others who are not big eaters.

Dinner tonight was at the Latin-themed Carioca’s!


[?IMG]It was a fun lively atmosphere inside the restaurant! We had some delicious banana bread waiting for us at the table.

[?IMG]I just love it when older people embrace today’s technology. Here’s Steve’s mom taking a selfie! Or rather, a wefie!

[?IMG]Here’s a picture of the wave phones which are included in your stateroom. There are 2 of them in each room and you can use them throughout the ship to contact people. You can text on them too but know that it’s not a smart phone so the texting feature is the really old school kind, and takes forever.

[?IMG]Maddie took a nap before dinner so she was awake for this meal!

[?IMG]To start, I got the beef empanada. It was very tasty:

[?IMG]Steve got the tuna and avocado tartare to start.

[?IMG]For the salad course I got the pineapple and avocado salad. It was delicious! I love both pineapple and avocado so this was right up my alley.

[?IMG]Steve got the black bean soup as his second course. It had a blended texture so no chunks of beans. It was pretty good.

[?IMG]I got the ribeye entree, which essentially was prime rib. I ate about half of it before I couldn’t eat anymore since I was still digesting lunch.

[?IMG]Steve got the specialty of the house, the mixed grill skewers, which included one lamb, sausage, and beef skewer, with a giant shrimp and tomato rice. It was good and the portions were generous!

[?IMG]I really liked the presentation of the skewers:

[?IMG]For dessert, I got the panna cotta. It was ok. I am not sure what Steve got. I have to say that other than my first dessert (the souffle at Lumiere’s), I was not really impressed with the dessert offerings at the rotational restaurants. I’d probably stick to simple things like ice cream…

[?IMG]Zsolt and Gerado had some fun up their sleeves. First Gerado taught us Mexican…not Spanish, but Mexican. He taught us how to high five and say “Chocalas!” Then they made napkin hats for us. It was really cute.

Maddie got a Minnie bow. Not sure if she liked it. She’s probably not a hat person:

[?IMG]Mom also got a Minnie bow:

[?IMG]Dad was Captain Jack Sparrow:

[?IMG]Steve got…Dumbo!! I thought it was pretty ingenious to use the plate covers to represent ears.

[?IMG]I got the most elaborate hat…it literally weighed like 10 lbs. I was the “exotic Bird of Paradise.” according to Gerado. LOL. I am ready for my star turn in the Enchanted Tiki Room!

[?IMG]To round it out, Mike got a hat that I think was sorcerer Mickey, and Sandy was Jasmine. Here’s a group pic of all of us:

[?IMG]We had great fun at dinner thanks to our servers Zsolt and Gerado! Here’s a group pic of us after dinner:

other cruise pics-3

After dinner, we walked around deck 4 and saw Daisy! So we had to get a picture.

[?IMG]Maddie was really taken with Daisy!

[?IMG]And here’s a group pic of everyone!

[?IMG]Tonight’s showin the Walt Disney Theater was Twice Charmed, a spin on the Cinderella story. Everyone decided to watch it and Maddie even stayed for the entire show! It was a good show, I liked it better than Villains.

Tonight was also the premier of Avengers: Age of Ultron on the ship. Steve and I already saw it but we wanted to see it again since we thought it was a bit confusing the first time. We were going to catch the 10:45 show since it’ll probably be the least crowded, so we had time to chill in our stateroom for a while before the show.

Tonight’s pillow animal!

The Avengers 2 movie I thought was ok the first time, and I still think it’s ok after 2nd time. I just find a lot of plot gaps and things which were kind of strange. But still, it’s a Marvel movie and I can take what I can get until the last Avengers: Infinity Wars movie! The movie ended really late (more like early am) so we had to hit the sack! We had a lot planned for tomorrow: If you thought today was a feast, wait until when we eat our way through Nassau, Bahamas! Plus, it was Pirate Night!! Ahoy Mateys!!?

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