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Kauai 2015: Po’s Kitchen, Nani Moon Mead, Pie(s), Salt Pond Beach Park, Glass Beach

This is our 6th day on our week-long 2015 Kauai Birthday Trip! It was our last full day on the island of Kauai. (boo)

This morning we woke up and like the other days we didn’t have much of a plan, but we knew we wanted to eat some local food – so off to Po’s Kitchen we go! It’s located in Lihue in a non-descript strip mall. It’s a shabby take-out place, where you don’t really bother with a menu and just order a regular or “deluxe” lunch box.  I walk inside and saw a stack of cardboard cake boxes. Around the corner someone came out to take my order of a deluxe lunch box.

Po’s Kitchen – very old school

Pretty soon, I was handed a cardboard box, much like how they serve things at Rainbow Drive-In on Oahu (at least Po’s still has a lid though. It costs about 8 bucks and has a ton of food. It’s a great deal in my opinion!

Deluxe box at Po’s Kitchen

A huge variety of food

The items apparently change daily but today I spied: tempura shrimp and vegetables, fried noodles, fried chicken, omelette, sausage, fried noodles, rice, and spaghetti mac salad. It was all very homey and satisfying, also a lot of food so getting a deluxe box and sharing was a good idea!

We then drove to Kapa’a because I wanted to do a tasting at the Nani Moon Meadery. On the way to Kapa’a we passed by the old Coco Palms resort…heard it’s now part of Hyatt and it’s going to be made over to it’s full glory once again. Can’t wait to see when that happens!

Dilapidated and abandoned Coco Palms hotel.

Mead is a wine made with honey and we’ve never had it before so we thought it would be fun. Nani Moon’s tasting room is at the back of another building and it has a casual mystical vibe. We did one tasting and shared it.

Tasting menu

Varieties of mead. It’s an acquired taste but I think everyone should try mead at least once!

We found the mead to be very interesting. It’s not as sweet as we expected it to be, and we were surprised at the differences between each mead, but it is definitely an acquired taste if you’re used to regular wines. I’m glad we did it but we ended up not buying anything (it would have been hard to bring the wines back home anyways). In the tasting room we ran into the friendly parking attendant/tour assistant at our Steelgrass Chocolate farm tour yesterday. It seems he also had a part time job there to pay for school in Boston. We talked for a bit and we told him we went to Lydgate Beach Park yesterday too and he laughed.

After we left Kapa’a we headed to Costco and bought some stuff to take home: mac nuts, chocolates, hurricane popcorn mixes, etc. Along the way we also made as top at the mall nearby where I was tempted into getting another plate lunch at Sone’s. Let me tell you, this plate lunch was huge!!! We got roast pork with gravy and 2 types of noodles. The tempura, cabbage and rice were all included.

Huge plate lunch from Sone’s…we just had a bite, so we kept most of it for later to eat at the beach.

We headed back to the house to drop everything off and set out towards the west side of the island again. We had never been to Salt Pond or Glass Beach in Hanapepe and we wanted to check them out.

Since the lines were so long at The Right Slice at Art Night the night before, on the way we stopped by their storefront in Hanapepe so we could try some pie. I settled on a Mac Nut pie, while DH saw a special they had on display which looked like a mini fresh strawberry and mint pie. The mac nut pie I thought was really quite good, in the style of a southern pecan pie but brimming with rich crunchy mac nuts. The strawberry pie was a little odd. It was a small cup shaped pie shell filled with macerated strawberries but it was very liquid-y, almost like a drink and not a pie filling. The crust was good but the filling we both agreed, was odd. Overall, we enjoyed it but I’d stick to their classic pies and cakes.

Strawberry tart (watery), mac nut pie (delicious)

On to Salt Pond Beach Park! It was Saturday so there were quite a number of people but there was still plenty of space to lay out. There is a breakwall to shield the beach from waves so it was nice to be able to swim in calm waters. The water was also a really good temperature so it wasn’t as freezing cold upon first entering, but it was also quite hot and sunny that day. We sat in our chairs enjoying the beach, eating taro chips, our leftover lunch from Sone’s and pineapple which we had cut up and brought in our cooler. We got to see the red dirt salt ponds next door which was very interesting. It seems that this is also a popular place to camp out as there were many tents as well.

Salt Pond Beach Park

This is a crowded day at the beach.

Having a great time!

Eating chilled pineapple

A glimpse of the salt making beds with red Kauai dirt.

After several hours at the beach, we left and ended up driving by Little Fish Café in Hanapepe so we stopped to get something cold. Their kitchen was actually closed at that point and they were just serving drinks so no acai bowl for me. I ended up with a green smoothie which had a little too much spirulina in it and gave it a weird flavor. I’ve had drinks with spirulina before and they were good but this had too much of it, and it also stained my mouth green LOL.

Little Fish Cafe

My green smoothie which literally tasted like seaweed. Blech.

We drove to Glass Beach just to check it out. Definitely just a spot to look around and take a few pictures, but didn’t really look so fun for hanging out. Most of the glass is picked over, especially the colored glass. What’s left were mostly brown and white (clear) tiny little pebbles. It was pretty cool to see in person though.

Glass Beach

Pebbles are made from polished glass bits from factories nearby. Most of it has been picked over though but you can probably find stuff if you spend some time there.

Most of the glass bits were tiny !

On the way back to Poipu, I stopped at McDonalds to get a unique treat found only in Hawaii…the elusive taro pie! It’s the traditional applie pie but with a sweet and chunky taro filling. It’s actually pretty good and I’d probably pick this over apple any day.

Looks just like McDonald’s Apple Pie

But with a taro filling

Back at the house I packed everything up, did laundry and made dinner: saimin, leftover Brick Oven Pizza, along with some leftover poke, and lots of fruit! Rambutans and papayas, all purchased from the Sueoka Store.

Saimin – the S+S brand that you can buy frozen. I think I prefer the Sun noodle brand.

Papayas! Served with limes we picked up for free at Steelgrass Farms.

I was happy to spend our last evening just enjoying our cute little house and finishing the delicious food and fruit. Dessert was the rest of the Holy’s Bakery pie and the Lappert’s ice cream. Mmmmm.

Back at the Poipu Shopping Village to walk around before they closed for the night. I bought a set of bamboo sheets from the Cariloha store. They feel so soft and I love bamboo clothes so thought it would be a nice investment in a good pair of sheets. The salesperson gave me a great deal and let me apply a coupon which I didn’t even have. Now that the Roy’s has left the complex (Roy’s is now 1849 Eating House at Kukui’ula down the road), I wondered if some other restaurant would take its place. It seemed pretty empty that evening even though the Shops at Kukui’ula were consistently filled with people.

Cariloha for soft bamboo items at the Poipu Shopping village.

Back at the house to get ready to leave tomorrow. Sad face. It’s going to be tough leaving beautiful and relaxing Kauai!

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