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Kauai 2015: Pono Market, Lydgate Beach, Puka Dog, Hanapepe Art Night, Brick Oven Pizza

This is part 2 of our 5th day on our Kauai 2015 vacation.

After our farm tour, we decided to get a small bite to eat since we were craving something savory after all the sweets we had just sampled, so we went to Pono Market in Kapa’a, famous for it’s quick-service and local specialties. It was crowded with the lunchtime rush but we got a nice portion of poke, a chicken tofu noodle special, and some kulolo for me which I kept in our cooler in the car (it’s rather perishable because of the taro). We sat in one of the few tables they had in the store. Everything was tasty and cheap. We really enjoyed our light lunch.

Light but satisfying lunch at Pono Market. Tuna poke, and chicken tofu with long rice, plus kulolo for dessert!

Then it was time for a shave ice at Hee Fat. It was yummy and perfect for the hot weather that day.

Interior of Hee Fat General Store.

The Shave Ice stand is inside the back of the store.

Finally, some shave ice!

We walked around Kapa’a. There were many shops so we ducked in and out looking at their wares. I liked some of the signage around certain stores:

Aloha! Everything is going to be ok.

Then, it was beach time, so we went to…Lydgate Beach Park! It seemed fitting, LOL. We had a great time at the beach. It was hot and sunny, and I was able to swim in the protected area for a while. There was not too much in terms of snorkeling unless you go right up to the break wall.

Lydgate Beach Park, this is the protected area, with the break wall. Easy to swim in.

On the other side, it was not protected so, lots of waves and currents.

I had a great beach day on my birthday!

After several hours at the beach, we decided to get some gas in the Lihue Costco and head back to Poipu. Before we reached the houe, however, we made a slight detour to get ourselves a Puka Dog at the Shops at Poipu.

Puka Dog!

How to order your Puka Dog

The Puka Dog I ordered was really good! I’ve had them before and enjoyed them, but today’s version was the best I’ve had. It totally hit the spot and probably one of the best hot dogs I’ve had in a long time! I got the Polish sausage with the starfruit relish, hot chili sauce, and lillikoi mustard. The hot dog had the perfect snap, and the bun was warm with the crisp interior, and the sauces complimented each other perfectly. It was delicious!!! Yum yum.

The delicious Puka Dog – a hot dog in a bun which has a hole in it and toasted from the inside out. Tropical sauces compliment the hot dog and it was delicious!

That evening we headed to Hanapepe for their Friday Art Nights. Art night was pretty fun, but it was packed! It was hard to find parking so Steve had to go further up to park the jeep. We walked around and enjoyed the art galleries and stores. Lots of street vendors selling food, jewelry, and art. We wanted to get some pie at The Right Slice but the line was pretty long. I went into the Aloha Spice Co and got a couple of things. There was music playing everywhere by live bands, and lots of food trucks selling different kinds of cuisine. It was quite fun and the food looked great but I wanted to save my stomach for Brick Oven Pizza in Kalaheo! Since I was craving pizza on my birthday I had to try it!

Stores, restaurants, and galleries stay open late on Friday. There’s food trucks, outdoor vendors, and live music as well.

Aloha Spice Co. in Hanapepe

Sampling spice blends

Look! I spotted A Splash of Aloha cookbook! No relation to my site though. I wish I could cook some of those things in there!

After about an hour browsing at Art night, we headed to dinner at Brick Oven Pizza. We ordered a kimchi tofu appetizer and a large margherita pizza with sangria to drink.

Inside Kalaheo Brick Oven Pizza…looks like a traditional pizza joint that could be anywhere. Good thing we were on Kauai!

Kimchi tofu salad, surprisingly no kimchi on it, just the flavor of kimchi from the sauce.

Pizza…mmm, better stay out of my way! Nothing comes between me and my pizza on my birthday!

We really enjoyed everything. The tofu kimchi appetizer was really interesting, as it didn’t contain any kimchi at all. It was fresh tofu topped with a kimchi “sauce” and seaweed flakes. It was actually quite addictive as the sauce was spicy and zesty. I thought the pizza was yummy. The garlic butter crust added a nice savory flavor. Next time I’d get the plain and not whole wheat crust, but we were trying to be healthy!

Some trouble has happened in my life. I was nervous and crying. I went to a neurologist and was prescribed Lexapro. She told me to take it for a long time, up to one year. It really works, and works quickly. For example, I stopped crying almost immediately at the beginning of taking this medicine I did not expect such a quick effect! In addition, I became to sleep less. But I was taking generic lexapro not for a long time because I was irritated by an unpleasant side effect: I began to sweat profusely.

Back at the house we ate ice cream and fruit for dessert!! It was a great birthday! Can’t believe our vacation was almost over! Where had the time gone? Tomorrow was our last full day on Kauai, and there was so much more I wanted to do …!!

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