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Kauai 2015: Spouting Horn, Shipwreck Beach, farm-to-table at Kauai Ono

This is Day 3 of our week-long Kauai vacation: today was a lazy day around the south shore before heading up to Princeville for a gourmet farm-to-table dining experience from the Kauai Ono food truck.

That morning we woke up and decided to check out the Spouting Horn park. We had been here before but since it’s pretty close to where we were staying we wanted to take a drive there. It was really early so the sun wasn’t fully out yet but there were already a number of people at the park taking pictures.

Spouting Horn park

The spouting horn.

Lot’s of people (including us) decided to see this today!

It was good fun, but hard to capture a good picture of the spouts spewing out water. Also I notice an exceptional number of roosters here, more so than on any other part of the island.

See all the roosters on the ground?

We couldn’t get enough of the acai bowls we had on our first day in Kauai so back to Aloha Aina we go! I got the BIA bowl again while I think Steve got one with a lot of berries. They are really very good, I wish I had some right now.

My delicious acai bowl from Aloha Aina juice bar.

I didn’t really make plans for today other than our dinner at Kauai Ono that evening which was up north in Princeville. I guess we could have gone up north to the beaches then but we were feeling lazy, and so to Shipwreck beach in Poipu it was! We drove over to the Grand Hyatt grounds and parked in the lot. It was a little cloudy that morning but it cleared up later and was bright and sunny. I loved the view at Shipwrecks…it’s such a pretty beach.

Shipwreck beach

Entrance to the beach from the Hyatt

We saw a couple of cliff jumpers, and it looked really scary but probably not as scary as jumping of Ka Le (south point) on the Big Island – but maybe I am wrong because we weren’t jumping!

Ready, steady, jump!

Wow he did it!


Shipwreck beach was wonderful…the entry to the water is less rocky but the waves were higher. Even though I didn’t go into the water that much it was still a perfect place to sit and enjoy the view and being in Kauai! Steve tried to snorkel a bit but he said it was a little too rough.

We had a great time at Shipwreck beach!

That afternoon we went to check out one of the pools on property at the Poipu Kai resort which our cottage is part of (so the use of facilities is included). There are 4 pools to choose from and while they were rather small, it was nice practically having a whole pool to ourselves!

The empty pool. It was nice as I could do laps just lay out.

We stayed there for a bit before getting hungry and it was quite hot as well…so we drove to the Shops at Kukuila to get some take-out lunch…a poke bowl and sushi roll from The Dolphin, and a plate of spicy shrimp from Savage Shrimp. We brought them back to the condo to eat…and our meal was delicious!

Fresh fish at The Hanalei Dolphin in Poipu, which is a restaurant and fish market.

Our delicious take-out meal eaten in our house.

The poke bowls was great because they let me put all three types of poke they had that day, plus they garnish with eel sauce and spicy mayo. It’s a fancier take on your typical poke bowl. I have been using Valtrex for several years, pharmacist recommended it from With Valtrex, the herpes was gone and didn’t come out at all. Fortunately, I have been spared all the other side effects described. Steve also thinks this was the cheapest poke bowl he’d seen so far.

The delicious poke bowl with fresh ahi tuna in 3 different styles. Think one was spicy, one was limu, and one was regular shoyu.

One of the sushi rolls. Portions were generous.

The shrimp were good, with a nice spicy kick and lots of garlic. Served with 2 scoops of rice, it was the perfect thing to soak up the sauce…

Mmm spicy thai-style butter garlic shrimp

After some mac nut ice cream we just decided to take it easy for the rest of the day before our drive up North for dinner. I slept, did a bit of reading, and so did Steve, although he did go for a walk/jog through some of the streets in the Poipu Kai area. This is where A/C is important, at least for us, because the house got really warm in the afternoons!

After we woke up we got ready to head out for dinner, but first we wanted to stop and check out the culinary/farmers market over at the Shops at Kukuiula again. Steve dropped me while he looked for parking, it was crowded! Lots of fresh produce was sold by different vendors. I may or may not have bought a 4 dollar avocado…but it was huge, and I love them! The lady told me it was a butter avocado and it had really great flavor so I caved. I am a sucker for a large beautiful avocado…

Fresh local fruit at the farmer’ market in Kukuiula

I sampled some of the Monkeypod jams and jellies….the lillikoi curd is delicious!! Imagine making a pie with that…that would be divine. I am not much of a baker so I didn’t get one (although I am kind of regretting it now.)

Monkeypod Jams

I also bought some haupia mixes for a nice vendor who gave me a deal on a few bags. Steve joined me then and we walk around and look at all the vendors together. I also stopped by the Malie store which sells beautiful franked body products, candles, and scents. They even had clothes in this one! Malie is the brand of the toiletries they have at the Andaz on Maui. I got some room fragrance oils (the ones you put the sticks in) – they smelled so good and reminded me of our trip to Maui! Oh and if you check in on Yelp, you get a discount, which was great! I think the Wed culinary/farmer’s market at the Shops at Kukui’a is a great idea especially for those who like local fruits and vegetables and locally sourced items.

Malie Organics

Pretty soon we had to head up to the Princeville for dinner. I allotted ourselves 1.5 hours which I thought would be plenty, but I guess I forgot how bad traffic can get near Kapa’a, that we just barely made it in time. The drive was lovely though as this was where we got to visit other parts of the island. We noticed how much more crowded Kapaa got…and it also looked like they were fixing the one road that goes north to south…so expect traffic delays!

Driving up north to Princeville area…it was slightly drizzly.

Kauai Ono recently changed their locations – the new one was in the Princeville Ranch Adventure Center on the grassy lawn near the parking lot. There was a big white tent with picnic tables and benches which had been decorated with a rustic vibe – mason jars to hold wine and water, twine, etc were all used to give a version of their fine-dining from a food truck concept.

The tent right before it got dark

Rustic decor 

The tent at dark, where dinner is served.

We checked in and sat down, pretty much free seating. We introduced ourselves to our neighbors and we got chatting, mostly about Kauai and how we came to know about Kauai Ono (a kind Fodorite gave me the inspiration!). We cracked open our wine, which we had bought at Costco, and they are kind enough to provide ice buckets to chill your wine if necessary. Oh and ladies, best to bring a shawl or sweater, it got slightly chilly at night!


It was pitch black by the time they started to serve food and the bugs were out in full force. Luckily the provide bug spray for the guests to us so we would be safe! I did use it but also noticed something still bit my foot that evening…oh well.

We started with an appetizer of warm roasted taro roots with a creamed spinach and creamy coconut sauce. The dish was savory and not sweet and you could really taste the flavor of the taro root.

Roasted taro with a coconut sauce

Next was a grilled butterfish that was just delicious…served over some wilted kale, it was tender and the fish had a lot of flavor. We both really enjoyed this.

Butterfish (also called escolar) over wilted kale

Then a salad of fresh picked mesclun with a slice of tangelo (a citrus fruit like an orange but better!).

Salad foraged that day with a slice of tangelo

Then our final savory course was a kalua pork served with a sweet potato.

Kalua pork and sweet potato with fresh herbs.

Dessert was a Mexican hot chocolate with a butter mochi slice. It was really good and very rich!

Butter mochi, which is a chewy rice cake, and Mexican hot chocolate. Very rich and delicious!

All the food was prepared simply yet very well and not overly “done” which made us were happy we discovered this little gem. It was fun to talk to vacationers like us (2 other couples with no children sat next to us) and two of us even had birthdays that week! Definitely make reservations with Kauai Ono online in advance as there only one seating a night and the event only happens once or twice a week. It was definitely tough with the longer drive back to Poipu but it was much faster because of less traffic!

Stay tuned for more Kauai exploring and delicious eats!

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