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Asiana Business Class Lounge Seoul, Asiana Business Class ICN-JFK

This is my final post on our Bali 2014 Trip Report.

The Asiana Business Class lounge is a large spacious lounge on the 2nd floor of Seoul’s Incheon airport. I believe there are 2 lounges in the airport for business class passengers but we only saw one of them on this trip. When we arrived from our flight from Bangkok it was really early therefore the lounge was relatively empty. We made use of the private shower rooms which were really great and had different products including Korean skincare which I thought was really nice.

Fairly empty Asiana Business Class Lounge. It got really crowded later!

We planted ourselves in a quiet corner near the shower rooms.

Nice view of the airport runways

There were some nice food offerings in the lounge, while not extensive, were pretty tasty. For breakfast they had toast, cereal, scrambled eggs, salad, and rice porridge or “juk.” They also had plenty of bottled water, sodas and coffee/tea, even iced coffee in a can. I really liked the cup shin ramyun which is a spicy Korean noodle. We eat that quite a bit so we were thrilled they had them!

Buffet station

Always appreciate an espresso machine

Breakfast of Korean “juk” with some soy sauce and eggs plus a cup Shin Ramyun! Plus an iced coffee in a can. This is my kind of breakfast!

We spent a few hours in the lounge and while Steve relaxed, I took a tour of the airport and visited the Hello Kitty cafe! I noticed that Incheon had plenty of cultural activities as well so it is hard to be bored in this airport.

Cultural activity stations in Seoul’s Incheon Airport which were free for all guests!

Soon our flight was ready to board. This was an exciting flight as it was our first in Asiana, and in their Quadra Smartium business class seats.


The Quadra Smartium seats

It was hard to get a nice view of the seats with my iphone so here’s a photo from Flyertalk that I found. We were in the 2 seats side-by-side in the middle of the plane.

Asiana’s Quadra Smartium seats from Flyertalk.

There was plenty of leg room and a nice cubby below the foot rest to store your shoes/bag etc.

L’Occitane amenity kit. I absolutely love their shea butter hand cream so this was very nice.

Earphones and seat positioning/entertainment remote

Enjoying our last pre-flight champagne

Looking forward to the flight! I hear Asiana’s in-flight menu is top-notch. Our seat neighbor seemed to think so too!

The flight attendants were all gracious and elegant. I thought the service on this flight was very professional. Our menus were passed around and we both knew we were going to get the Korean menu even before looking at it!

Western menu and the “anytime” refreshments

Korean Menu and how to enjoy traditional “ssambap” – so excited!

Service began after we took off. We were excited to get the Korean menu as it looked delicious. I always appreciate the airlines who try to incorporate some of the local cuisine into their meal offerings when departing from a certain city/country.

First course appetizer – fried eggpant with tomato confit and a mimosa. This was pretty good.

Ginseng and buckwheat roll. This had decent flavor but probably my least favorite in terms of texture because the buckwheat was very grainy.

Purple sweet potato porridge. This was sweet and thick and more like a soup. I really enjoyed this!

And finally, our main course, the ssambap, which is really more like a beef bulgogi, served with rice, and various lettuces which you can make wraps with. It was really tasty, and you could make each bite taste different depending on what condiments you used in your “wrap”. There were about 4 different lettuces in the pack plus different leafy herbs with unusual flavors.

Steve and I both really enjoyed this main course. The vegetables were really fresh and crisp and there were a lot of herbs and chili peppers to include in our wraps. This was probably our favorite airplane meal of the whole trip and we were quite full when we finished dinner. (Although I was eying the cheese course served with the Western menu, but that is because I love cheese).

After meal service was cleared, they turned down the lights and we all settled in to enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

The lie flat seats were really comfortable! Shh, Steve is sleeping…

I tried to stay awake to combat jet lag throughout most of the 15 hour flight but I finally succumbed to sleep with help generic ambien. Coming from someone who rarely if ever gets a decent sleep on planes, this was pretty awesome and a testament to how comfortable the seats are in Asiana’s business class. I did wake up after a few hours and saw that Steve was awake too so we both ordered a midnight snack (well, who knows what time it actually was) of spicy ramyun!

Sometime in between bouts of sleep, we ate some spicy Korean ramyun served with kimchi on the side.

Then it was back to sleep and I didn’t wake up until we arrived in New York! I slept so well on this flight that I missed breakfast. So I cannot report back with pictures although Steve had breakfast and he said the Korean abalone porridge was good.

We arrived at JFK early in the morning the next day – and it was cold and blustery! Alas our wonderful trip to Bali was over. We had such an amazing vacation and we would love to return one day. The long travel time though makes us want to save up our miles so we could travel to Asia more comfortably, but due to a lot of award chart changes, traveling in business or first class on many airlines is getting harder and harder…this is most likely a once in a lifetime trip!

Beautiful Bali, we miss you!

Thank you for reading our Bali 2014 Trip report! <– (click on the link to read all the posts associated with this Bali trip!)

It’s been almost 3 months since we’ve been back from Bali and it’s been snowing and very cold here in NYC. On a bright note, we are going to the beautiful island of Kauai in 2 weeks so we’re excited about that! Bring on the warm Hawaiian breezes and beautiful beaches…ALOHA!! Stay tuned for our Kauai 2015 Trip Report when we get back!

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