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Thai Airways Lounge BKK, Thai Royal Silk Class to Seoul, Hello Kitty Cafe

This post is part of our Bali 2014 Trip Report

We were sad we left Bali earlier that day but happy to be heading home and in business class (on miles!), no less. When we arrived at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport again, we thought we would be in the same area as the Thai Airways Lounge we visited on our flights to Bali. We ended up in a completely different area of the terminal and that lounge was pretty far away. We looked at the airport map because Suvarnabhumi Airport is so big and noticed that another Thai Airways lounge was closer to our departing terminal so we headed there. This lounge is smaller than the other Business/First class lounge, and it does NOT have a spa, therefore if you really wanted your free massage you’d have to go to the main Royal Silk or Royal First lounge. We were pretty tired at this point and the thought of having to walk that distance and back just for a 30 minute massage was pretty pointless.

We settled into some comfy chairs in the smaller lounge. This lounge has plenty of seats, and the air conditioning was pretty intense that it actually felt cold! There was a decent food selection and they kept changing it up. In the 2.5 hours we were in the lounge, they switched up many of the hot entrees. In addition to the hot food they kept swapping out, they had plenty of drinks, including a small self-serve bar, salad, sandwiches, cakes and pastries, and baked goods like samosas and curry puffs. The hot entrees included a noodle soup with chicken that was very food, and then was switched out for some creamy Thai curries.

Offerings in the Thai Airways Royal Silk lounge

Part of the lounge, here was the juice and dinnerware station

Hot food station which kept changing.

Fruit and salad bar.

Sample of the lounge food. Noodles, tom yum soup, and curry puffs are some of the offerings in the lounge. I must say that their finger sandwiches were quite tasty too.

The noodle soup with chicken they brought out at one point.

Something I found quite funny…I really liked the toilet bowls in the lounge. They were so round, and I like round things, so I took a picture!

Rotund toilets!

After some time eating and reading, we headed to our gate to board. This was a red eye flight and everyone looked like they were ready to sleep. When we boarded the flight we noticed that this plane was different from the last 2 business class Thai Airways flights. This plane was a Boeing 777-300.

Thai Royal Silk class in a Boeing 777-300 from BKK to ICN.

The tv screens were very large on this plane.

Plenty of roomy leg room

Steve thought it was funny they had privacy screens on this plane.

Pre-departure champagne!

The menu for this flight. Sorry for the weird greenish light.

Business class was about 70% full. They started service pretty quickly after takeoff since everyone just wanted to go to sleep. I honestly do not remember seeing a First Serving as stated in the menu. All I remember getting was the food in the Second Service. Not sure if I missed it but I was awake throughout the first half of flightso I think I may have buy propecia generic finasteride skipped the first service.


Excited to see kimchi on board this flight!

Sauteed beef with soy sauce and mushrooms. I wasn’t that hungry but had to get it to take a picture! It was actually quite good.

After they cleared everything I caught some shut eye. The angled lie flat seats were quite comfy.

Even though it’s not fully lie-flight, (170 deg) it was definitely nice to be able to stretch out on a red eye flight.

The flight was only 5 and a half hours so we were pretty groggy when we landed in Seoul. It was very early in the morning, about 6:30 am…and the airport was pretty empty. We had to go through several terminals to get to our flight from Seoul to JFK, but I was surprised at how efficient everything was. There were clear directions and the airport felt new-ish, and very clean. I can see why Incheon Airport wins many awards, it is a really nice airport! There was one thing I was really hankering to see, and that was the Hello Kitty Cafe. There is a small outpost in Incheon Airport so that was going to be my first stop…after a quick shower!

We arrived at the Asiana Business Lounge on the 2nd floor of our terminal. I will go into a full review in my next post, but it’s a nice big lounge with private showers which we made use of…it felt so good to be able to put on a set of clean clothes!

Sneak peek of Asiana’s Business Class Lounge, it was empty when we got there but it got crowded really quickly and it’s a BIG lounge! Post on the lounge to come.

I ventured out by myself as Steve wanted to stay in the lounge, so I walked for about 10 minutes until I reached the Hello Kitty Cafe!

Hello Kitty Cafe!

It’s a small cafe but I just had to see it with my own eyes. It wasn’t like the Eva Air Hello Kitty terminal in Taiwan’s Tao Yuan Airport, but it’s the first Hello Kitty Cafe I’ve been to! I thought it was really cute.

Hello Kitty Artwork adorned the walls of the small seating area.

There was a limited menu and some items in the display cases.

Cute Hello Kitty cakes and desserts

They had lots of latte art

I opted for something more refreshing, a frozen yogurt!

There were Hello Kitty items for sale too. Some of them looked really cute. There wasn’t a big selection though.

Hello Kitty items for sale.

Everything was so pink and cute!

My first and only visit to a Hello Kitty Cafe!

I walked back to the Asiana Lounge eating my frozen yogurt. The duty free stores were awesome as well. Lots of Korean skincare and makeup! I bought some items for myself as well as gifts. I can’t wait to try them! Incheon airport is pretty awesome, and it’s my new favorite airport to have a layover!

Coming up, the Asiana Business Class Lounge and our last flight back home in Asiana’s Quadra Smartium business class seats!

The famed quadra smartium seats in Asiana’s Business class. Image from

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