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Bali Day 8: Bali’s Denpasar Airport, Thai Royal Silk Class to Bangkok

It’s #snowmageddon here in New Jersey! We are supposed to get the brunt of the storm overnight and tomorrow morning so I’m sitting typing this up with a glass of wine before the power goes out! I’d sure like to be in Bali right about now. I’m actually very amused that New Yorkers made a run for it at the grocery store and left the shelves bare…especially all the kale! Kale is probably the last thing I’d want to eat in a snowstorm but I guess it’s because we already have kale in the fridge and shop at Costco now so we have enough food for a small army. #suburbanlife

Here’s the one of the last posts from our Bali 2014 Trip Report including our flight on Thai Airways TG432 from DPS to BKK in Royal Silk Class.

Day 8 marked our last morning in Bali.  🙁  After an early swim and our usual breakfast of mie goreng (Indonesian fried noodles) at The Layar, we got ourselves and our luggage ready and made one last check of the villa. At 10:30am, our ride to the airport was here. Our ride was provided graciously by the Hu’u Villas as compensation for switching us to The Layar a few weeks before our trip. I think the trip would cost about 40 USD to the airport regularly. Even though The Layar was not my first choice in villas, I was happy I got to experience it and I would recommend it for the large space and the pool (if you don’t mind a few bugs and critters).

Our ride to the airport took us in the same route we went to the day before on our way to Nusa Dua. I managed to snap a picture of these stores on the way.

Happy Haleiwa! It’s funny to see this in Bali as Haleiwa is a town on the North Shore of Oahu, but I guess Bali has a strong surf culture so naturally Hawaii would be well represented.

Hawaii Bali! I read their site online and it’s like an all encompassing resort with a tiki theme. Not near the beach though.

At Denpasar Airport, we tipped our driver and went to the check-in desk. We were incredibly early for our flight and they hadn’t started check-in yet! We got there early so Steve could retrieve his lost iPhone which he left on the Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Bali. The amazing staff at the Komaneka Bisma communicated with Thai Airways on our behalf (considering their wifi was so bad, we had no other choice) and they found it! It was kept at the Thai Airways office in the airport so we headed there with all our luggage. Luckily it wasn’t too hard to find and was only an elevator ride away. With iPhone in tow, we went in search of someplace to sit down before check-in actually opened in a half hour. We found a little Malaysian/Singaporean Kopitiam (coffee shop) and sat to have a snack.

At the coffee shop, we ordered an iced teh tarik (milk tea that has been frothed) and a kaya toast set which came with soft boiled eggs on the side. This meal is regularly found in Singapore and i was obsessed with it during our trip to Singapore in early 2014. Kaya is a sweet coconut custard/jam and it’s usually served on slices of crisp toast with thick slabs of butter. This version wasn’t really what I was expecting and I thought the bread for the toast was too sweet and didn’t contrast that well with the kaya. The eggs though were perfectly soft boiled.

Our little set meal at the cafe in Denpasar Airport

After some time at the cafe, we went to check-in when it finally opened. Just to note, luggage carts are free in the airport as is with  most of Asia. A refreshing change from the US where you have to pay for everything.

Royal Silk (business class) check in at Thai Airways in Denpasar Airport.

After we checked in, we went to pay our departure fee which is a separate counter right before security. You have to show the receipt as you enter security/immigration and then you get to go through duty free! The duty free is pretty good there so I picked up a few things.

Last moments in Bali!

Since we were still pretty early, we went to sit in the lounge in the International terminal, the Premier Lounge. This lounge was actually under renovation so it’s makeshift location was actually part of the gate itself, and partitioned off from the terminal. It was ok, there was a small selection of food, drinks, and plenty of seating which got filled pretty quickly.

Denpasar’s Premier Lounge for Priority Pass members as well as Star Alliance premium classes.

Small selection of drinks and a salad bar

Small selection of hot foods.

Sample of the lounge’s food offerings. There was some fried rice, mini sandwiches, salad, samosas and some tofu stir-fry.

After some time in the lounge, we were ready to board. Our gate was actually fairly crowded with a lot of people milling about. They called the Royal Silk class and we made our way to the plane. I was surprised that our plane was different from the one we arrived to Bali in. We were supposed to be on an A330 as well, but this plane was much newer and nicer…also larger. I realized that we were on the A340-600 which was the plane we rode in in first class, except for this flight there was supposed to only be 2 classes. I think Thai Airways did one of their infamous plane switches. Regardless, there was no one in first class and it was largely ignored. This plane’s business class was much nicer than on our flight to Bali. Business class was about 60% full.

A newer plane greeted us

The seats felt wider and nicer.

Still plenty of leg room!

They passed out menus and amenity kits (the same kits we got on the way to Bali in Royal Silk Class) as well as pre-departure drinks.

Cheers Bali! We had an amazing vacation!

We departed Bali on a hazy day but the view was still lovely leaving this beautiful island. We will always remember this vacation and can’t wait to go back to Bali!

Leaving Bali 🙁

This is the brand new super highway bridge they built to east traffic to and from the airport. It’s worth the 2 dollars in tolls!

After we took off, service began. Plenty of hot towels and drinks passed. We started with an appetizer. I forgot to take a picture of this menu so I can’t remember what this was. I think it was a smoked fish appetizer.

Appetizer. Please excuse my socked feet. I wear thick gel spa socks on planes. It’s a great way to get some pampering on long flights!

A pretty delish pretzel roll and more drinks please!

A slightly unappetizing picture of what I think was Thai beef green curry but it tasted better than it looked.

Spicy Shrimp. Not bad.

We settled in for the 4.5 hour flight to Bangkok and it surprisingly went by quicker than expected, I think because our in flight entertainment was working well compared to our last flight on Thai Airways. Pretty soon we’re landing back in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport for another long layover…

Stay tuned for my last two posts on our return trip including a visit to Incheon’s Hello Kitty Cafe!

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