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One month until Kauai!

It’s countdown time until our next Hawaiian vacation…to Kauai! Thank goodness because it’s been really cold in NY/NJ, and it’s about to snow this weekend. I can’t wait to escape the chill!

I’ve written about our Kauai vacation plans so far here and here, but in all honesty I haven’t not planned much else since I think this would be a good vacation to just take it easy! I haven’t seen a sunrise or sunset in Hawaii in some time now (In between all our trips to Taiwan, Singapore and Bali, we didn’t get a chance to go to Hawaii in 2014!) and I’m getting antsy!

Sunrise in Kauai, taken in 2010

I do however have some foodie plans on the horizon, beginning with a dinner reservation I have secured at Kauai Ono. It’s a BYOB farm-to-table dinner concept that’s really big right now on the islands. A fine-dining food truck serves 6 courses of locally-sourced foods. Looking forward to this!

Example of one of the courses Kauai Ono serves. Pic from Kauai Ono’s Instagram.

Another one I’m looking forward to is a new restaurant by French-Hawaiin chef Jean Marie Josselin, JO2. It’s an Asian-style tapas place that sounds really yummy.

JO2. Pic from JO2’s Facebook page.

I also can’t wait to sink my teeth into some banana mac nut pancakes with coconut syrup. By far one of my favorite breakfast items in Hawaii. The ones served at Ono Family Restaurant look great!

Banana Mac Nut pancakes from Ono Family restaurant in Kauai. Pic from Go Visit Kauai

Fresh seafood, especially ahi tuna which is so popular and fresh on the islands, is a must do! Here is a seafood plate from the Koloa Fish Market. It looks so good. I love poke (it’s like a Hawaiian ceviche) so I’m always on the lookout for poke joints.

Looks like some good seafood! Pic from Hawaii Adventure Center.

I’ve been hooked on acai bowls since having one in Honolulu a few years ago. Aloha Aina in Poipu looks like a place I can get my acai fix while on Kauai!

Acai bowl from Aloha Aina Juice Bar. Pic from

Revisiting some places we enjoyed in 2010 as well…

When you think of a James Beard award honoree, you won’t necessarily think of a generations-old mom-and-pop establishment like Hamura Saimin, where diners are served steaming bowls of house-made noodles on u-shaped counters. It looks like it hasn’t changed since it first opened and I really like that about this place. Oh and the noodles are really tasty too!

Soup noodles from Hamura Saimin. Pic from Hawaii magazine.

I don’t like shrimp unless it’s cooked with their heads and/or shells still on as I think it makes for a better texture and flavor. That’s why I like shrimp trucks in Hawaii as they do just that. A plate lunch from a shrimp truck or stand is something I look forward to on our trips to Hawaii. On Kauai, we enjoyed both Shrimp Station in Waimea and Savage Shrimp in Koloa/Poipu.

Savage shrimp truck near Poipu beach. They now have a new storefront in Koloa!

Spicy shrimp plate, served with rice and salad from Savage shrimp.

For a nice meal out, the Hukilau Lanai is a popular spot among tourists and locals. We dined there in 2010 and had a yummy family dinner. Their desserts were pretty good too!

Lillikoi cheesecake (passionfruit) at Hukilau Lanai

Speaking of passionfruit, we really loved going to Aunty Lillikoi’s store to stock up on everything lillkoi from jellies to salad dressings, even pancake syrup flavored with the tangy-sweet tropical fruit.

Some products for sale at Aunty Lillikoi. Pic from

Only one more month to go until I get to spend my birthday in Kauai!

On the north shore of Kauai in 2010.

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