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Bali Day 7 Part 2: St. Regis Beach, Dinner at Chandi

This post is part of our 2014 Bali Trip Report

After our ridiculously filling brunch at Boneka, we hung out at the St. Regis to walk around the grounds and admire the beach. We were also too full to do anything except for…stroll very slowly. The St. Regis is a gorgeous hotel, with tropical landscaping and a really large golden sand beach that seems to be the norm in resort-laden Nusa Dua.

Beautiful pools at the St. Regis Bali

I wouldn’t mind spending time in this pool! It was also practically empty when we were there.

Selfies at the St. Regis

We walked along the beach and enjoyed the casual breezes and beautiful ocean view. I thought the beaches here were much prettier than Seminyak, although we never really experienced that soft-as-silk sand in Bali as we do in Hawaii.

Beach chair set up at the St. Regis

A not-so-good blurry pic of us on the beach. It was a self timer pic on an iphone set-up on a beach chair. I’ll take what I can get!

Here’s a selfie of us in the St. Regis lobby. Steve’s look makes me crack up. My dress is one of the four I got from Mist clothing store the day before. I loved it!

We took a cab from the St. Regis Bali back to Seminyak. On the way, we passed through touristy Kuta, so we asked the driver to stop there. We wanted to do some shopping so we ended up in a mall in Kuta. I got some cheap jewelry and gifts, and Steve got some stuff for his coworkers. We also went into a supermarket and bought interesting snacks and spices to bring home, I thought Kuta was better for shopping as it’s a lot cheaper than Seminyak and there was a lot more to browse and see.

Local desserts for sale in the supermarket. I wish I could eat them all!

Mangosteens and rambutan, two of my favorite tropical fruit!

We had samples of the mango and they were so sweet and delicious.

We took another taxi back from Kuta to Seminak which is only 15 minutes away but took half an hour due to traffic. We spent the rest of our time at The Layar, enjoying our last moments in the villa – with lots of swimming in the private lamisil online pool, snacking away, watching TV, catching up on our texts, and just relaxing as much as we could!

I miss this right now!!!

For our last meal in Bali we wanted someplace close by, simple yet interesting. We were still kinda full from brunch but thought we should have a nice last meal out. We decided on Chandi which is just a short block or two down Eat Street. It took us about 15 minutes to walk there. Chandi is an upscale restaurant specializing in local Indonesian flavors with European flair.

Interior of Chandi

Open air seating throughout the restaurant. Luckily it wasn’t blazing hot as it is during the day!

We ordered a tempe salad to start, that was served with beets and avocado, a fried duck dish for me, and Steve ordered a vegetable curry. I also ordered a dragonfruit spritzer-style drink.

My dragonfruit cocktail. It was good and not too sweet.

Tempe avocado salad with beets and arugula (rocket). It was good but I’d ask them to put the dressing on the side as I thought it overpowered the dish bit.

My crispy duck dish. I was wondering if it would be like the Dirty Duck Diner that we had in Ubud, but this one was obviously more refined. It was crispy and was ontop some sweet hosin-like glaze. It tasted almost like Chinese=style duck. I think I preferred Bebek Bengil’s better!

Steve’s veggie curry. Think he was still too full from brunch to eat anything else! It was a very nice curry though.

Being full didn’t stop me from ordering dessert, which is my favorite, black rice  pudding. Chandi’s version of the pudding was great!! Rich coconut flavor and chewy black sticky rice. Yum.

Delicious sticky black rice, “burbur injin.” Served with ice cream and mango

We strolled around a bit more after dinner, popping into stores, getting in some of the sights and feel of Bali before we left. We returned back to the Layar to begin our packing for our long trip home. Stay tuned for the last few posts of the trip report which will focus on our business class flights on Thai Airways and Asiana.

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