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Bali Day 6 part 2 – Potato Head Beach Club, Made’s Warung, Kaiana Spa

This post is part of our Bali 2014 Trip Report.

After our morning of shopping, spa-ing, and eating, we continued the adventure that day by heading to the much talked about Potato Head Beach Club to catch a view of the sunset and experience a Bali beach club first hand. Beach clubs like Potato Head, Ku De Ta, and Mozaic seem to offer an all-encompassing experience complete with DJ’s, stunning beach front pools, multiple dining options, and some of the best bars in Bali. We’re not really clubby people (well, if you’d ask me about 15 years ago I’d have answered differently), so we thought catching a demure sunset would be better than trying to go to the crowded bars at night when the scene is livelier and the music louder.

We took a taxi to Potato Head which is located next to the W Resort and Spa on the western end of Seminyak. When we drove in, we saw there were a line of cars and taxis already there waiting to go through the security checks. Security is very serious here – they check each car that comes in! We finally got into the compound and walked upstairs to the main level and saw the mega complex:

The massive yet intimate Potato Head Beach Club

Upon entering the complex, the beautiful view and casual breezes really hit you and you can see how people would want to spend all day here. The pools were filled with lots of tanned bodies, the music was a blend or Euro-techno and retro-lounge, and everyone was having fun and drinking their bright colorful cocktails. I’d really recommend to make a reservation before coming here especially if you want a prime spot next to the pools on one of the lounge beds, and definitely if you’re coming here with a group.

The seating on the perimeter closest to the main bar that you see in the picture above surrounding the grassy area is first-come first serve. So if you wanted a seat you could wait for one but we chose to just sit at the bar and grab drinks there.

Our view of the beach/pool area during sunset from the bar area

Their drinks menu is pretty extensive and they had some cool concoctions. I got a mango caipirinha, and Steve got a triple berry margarita. Both were made to order and the bartenders used fresh fruit. I was really happy that they did as fresh fruit mixed with alcohol is one of my favorite combinations! 🙂

Our yummy drinks with fresh fruit either muddled or blended in. They were really good.

The prices for drinks at the bar was on par with drinking at a nice place in NYC. About 12 dollars and up for each of our drinks, less for beer. Wine was expensive since it is taxed very high in Bali.

Our Bali Beach Club experience was short but fun!

We enjoyed our drinks and sunset very much even though the clouds kind of hid the sun. We got kinda sweaty hanging at the bar though so after a few drinks we decided we’d leave and walk around Seminyak a bit more after the sun set. We liked Potato Head’s cool vibe and think it’ll be a great place to come back with a larger group.

We set out to do more exploring and shopping. I liked the store across from the W but I cannot remember it’s name. It too sold expensive bohemian chic beachwear like Mist. I managed to buy another pretty beach-y dress before swearing never to buy another one on this trip. On Jalan Oberoi we walked past what seemed to be a sort of marketplace with vendors selling trinkets so we stopped there for a bit. I saw a few necklaces I liked for gifts, and I managed to negotiate the price down a bit more. I guess this wasn’t the flea market that I thought it would be as some of the prices were just like the boutiques on the street.

We walked by several restaurants at this point, and we stopped to look at their menu but none held our interest. Most of them were serving western or European style food and we still wanted more local food. I suggested Made’s Warung so we took a cab to the Seminyak location. It took us 20 minutes to get there due to the narrow roads. We had not been to this area of Seminyak before so we took some time before dinner to walk around. There are many shops and restaurants in this part of town as well and we popped into a few of them.

Made’s Warung is one of the oldest established restaurants in Bali and serves a variety of local and regional dishes combined with some western foods. We realized that the word warung meant a local homestyle restaurant or cafe, which are casual and inexpensive. Made’s Warung has gained popularity over the years and expanded, with this location of Made’s boasting several boutiques showcasing famous local designers (like Paul Ropp)and even a brand new spa, Kaiana Spa. The spa looked gorgeous from the outside so I made a mental note to try it one day.

Everyone reacts differently to xanax. For me, it was a tingling sensation in my head and arms after the first intake a few stomach problems after the second intake, but nothing more. During the first and second week, I had a little headache and yawned a lot. In the first week, I was very tired in the evening, in the second week I had a little trouble falling asleep.

The restaurant space itself is quite big and it’s outdoors, so wear bug spray! Amazingly I did not get bit all that much on this trip. Steve was not so lucky, but I was pretty careful about applying bug spray and wearing a citronella bracelet every so often. We looked at their menu and I asked if they had babi guling (suckling pig) as I kept thinking about the yummy babi guling we had in Ubud. Our server told us it was available as part of the nasi campur so that was what I ordered. This is means I’d have eaten nasi campur three times in one day! It’s amazing though, as each one tasted so different and it depends on what each plate of rice comes with. Steve ordered a chicken curry and we got some fried spring rolls to start.

My nasi campur (mixed rice) with suckling pig. In the background are the fried spring rolls. They were both yummy but I could have used a bit more crispy pork skin.

Steve’s curry. Sorry the picture is blurry. It’s really dim in the restaurant at night!

We both enjoyed our dishes although I definitely thought the babi guling at Ibu Oka in Ubud was better (and cheaper), but there was definitely some nice variety with the nasi campur which I appreciated. For dessert, I ordered something that I was craving, black rice pudding, also called “burbur injin.” In Malay, I know it as “pulot hitam” but it is essentially the same thing, black rice is cooked into a sort of thick soup and flavored with pandan leaves and coconut milk. I love it and it is one of my favorite SE Asian desserts of all time.

Burbur injin, or black rice pudding. Here it’s served with banana and fresh grated coconut.

As we were having dinner, someone working for Kaiana Spa came around with some brochures offering grand opening specials. It was 20% off the already reasonable prices! They were open until 10pm that day so we had time to go to the spa after dinner. Steve and I looked at each other and knew we were in for our second spa treatment of the day!

After paying our bill we walked upstairs to where Kaiana Spa was located. The spa is very posh and beautiful and could easily have been located in Beverly Hills or the Hamptons. The air-conditioning was also really strong and good! It felt so nice to be out of the humidity of the restaurant.

Interior of the Kaiana Spa, looks very different from the rest of Made’s Warung!

I decided to get a facial (21 USD with the 20% off) and Steve got yet another massage (also 21 dollars). Our spa treatments were great and very professional. It was nice to get treatments in such a swanky new spa for very little money!

We enjoyed our time at Made’s immensely! We took a taxi back to The Layar and rested up for our last full day in Bali tomorrow…it was going to be a gastronomic adventure (as if it isn’t already!) because we were going to the St. Regis for their famous Boneka Sunday Brunch! Stay tuned…

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