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Bali Day 6 part 1- The Samaya, Bodyworks Spa, Nasi Ayam Kedewatan

This post is part of our Bali 2014 Trip Report 

Today was our 6th day in Bali. How did the time fly so quickly? This was our second to last night in Bali and we were really sad it would be over soon. I’d definitely want to spend more time here in the future.

For today’s breakfast at The Layar, I actually chose a western style breakfast, which was more like an English breakfast with baked beans and grilled tomato. It was not bad, but I think I’d prefer the Indonesian breakfast again, which is what Steve got.

English breakfast for me: toast, poached eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms, potatoes and a roasted tomato.

Mee goreng for Steve. Definitely stick to the Indonesian breakfasts.

Our fruit plate today. Looks like they used the dark red dragonfruit instead of the white one. They both taste the same though!

swimming collage

A collage of me enjoying the pool while taking self timer selfies, which is actually a lot harder than you think!

After a morning spent at the pool, we ventured out again, this time to get a peek at the beach. We asked The Layar’s shuttle to get as close to the beach as possible, so they sent us down one of the back roads down towards the famous Bodyworks Spa which is a few blocks from the ocean. Since we were at the spa anyways, we decided to stop in and try to get appointments. I wanted a hair cream bath (my third time!) and a foot massage, and Steve got a 90 min body massage. Prices were very reasonable but a little higher than the smaller neighborhood spas. Since Bodyworks is a Bali institution known for their excellent therapists, we gave it a go. We booked appointments for the few openings they had for later that afternoon. I would definitely call first to get an appointment.

We had a some time to kill so we walked down towards the beach, and decided to walk into The Samaya resort to get a look at their luxurious grounds and villas. This resort is beachfront and really quite beautiful.

Entering The Samaya property

Beachfront pools surrounded by luxe villas.

One of the more popular romantic restaurants in Bali called Breeze at The Samaya is located here. Looks like a beautiful setting.

Beach at The Samaya. Indonesia has volcanic roots, like Hawaii, so the sand is tinged with gray from the volcanic soil.

We didn’t eat at The Samaya because we weren’t too hungry at that moment and just wanted a snack, and also I wanted to eat more “local” food. We ended up walking towards Seminyak Square again, and stopping at another cafe to sit in air conditioning and get something to drink and snack on.

A cold coconut and a plate of Nasi Campur (meaning rice with mixed foods) was a good snack to tide us over before our spa treatments. The rice was served with some tofu, tempe, fried noodles, chicken wings, and shrimp chips.

It was really hot at that point so we decided to cab it back to Bodyworks. The cab ride was about a dollar, and it was a dollar well spent to escape the heat!

Our treatments at Bodyworks were really nice, but the spa for the most part is NOT air conditioned except for the individual massage rooms. Steve said he got air-conditioning during his massage, but my hair cream bath was done in the salon section which did not (just plenty of fans). It wasn’t awful since we were not outside in the sun, but getting your hair steamed does not provide any comfort to an already hot room. Despite that, I thought my therapist did an excellent job, with a wonderful massage on my neck, shoulders, arms, and scalp. After she was done she applied some ginseng tonic to my roots. I declined the blow-out since my hair would just frizz up again, and then went out to wait for the pedicure. Here’s a little before and after shot of the hair cream bath. It’s not a huge difference in appearance but you’ll buy zithromax 250 mg notice my hair looks dry and straggly on the left, with a considerable amount of frizz. The pic on the right after the cream bath shows a smoother texture, albeit still slightly frizzy (the humidity will kill any sort of hairdo you have), however it felt extremely soft to the touch and smelled wonderful!

The hair cream bath. The results are not THAT different in appearance, since this is Bali and no amount of pampering will get my hair to stay frizz-free, but the cream bath made it feel softer and smoother.

My foot massage was actually a lot better in terms of comfort because it’s done upstairs in an open air verandah area and there were nice breezes blowing through. It was bright and breeze-y and great! My foot massage was wonderful. They seriously do have great therapists. I just wish their spa was a little more luxe since I’d be willing to pay a bit more for air conditioning everywhere! However, I knew that Bodyworks is a landmark spa in Bali and it’s been traditionally done like that for decades.

As we were leaving Bodyworks, I purchased the scalp and hair tonic that the therapist used in my scalp. It was only 5 bucks! I wear it before blow drying my hair at night or when I wake up to revive my hair and liven up the roots.

bali hair tonig

This is the hair tonight I bought at Bodyworks. It was 5 bucks and smells really good!

After our spa treatments, we did a bit of shopping. Seminyak has many boutiques and many of them were more chic than cheap. We ducked into a few stores next to Bodyworks and I found one I really like called Mist Clothing. I believe it’s an Australian company that sells girly bohemian beach wear that serve as great cover ups too. Since I’m such a fan of muu muus, their style was totally up my alley and I bought about 4 dresses! The dresses were not as cheap as I was expecting (they were between 75-150 USD!), but since the quality is good and the fabrics they use are quite soft to the touch, I thought it was a nice splurge. Can’t wait to wear them on my next Hawaii/beach trip!

Mist Bali clothing. Image from

Including Mist, Seminyak mostly has upmarket shops and foreign designers so the shopping there isn’t as cheap as food, or taxis. I think for inexpensive shopping one must venture down into Kuta, which has a lot more touristy shops and shopping centers.

By this time it was late afternoon and our full lunch appetites had returned. We were very lucky that just down the road from Bodyworks was a place that was on my list, Nasi Ayam Kedewatan. The original location is in Ubud but we didn’t get a chance to make it there so I was happy to see it’s presence in Seminyak. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan pretty much only serves one thing, nasi campur (rice with mixed foods) with chicken, also called nasi ayam (chicken rice, Indonesian style!). It is basically similar to what we had for our snack earlier in the day, but with much better flavors. This place is quite popular among the local crowd, and the prices were dirt cheap. About 2 dollars for each meal. We ordered 2 nasi ayams and ate in the open air restaurant. It was a yummy, inexpensive meal!

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan

A cheap and tasty plate of food, it included a scoop of rice, a sate lilit, egg, veggies, chicken, various sambals, peanuts, and on the side is more sauce and extra sambal.

We headed out to walk around more of Seminyak and then headed back to the supermarket to buy more stuff to bring back home. Our walk took us past some lovely side alleys, away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. Note that sidewalks are not always available on many streets!

Pretty sites down side roads of Seminyak

We took a cab back to the Layar where we chilled before heading out to another Seminyak hot spot, Potato Head…coming up!

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