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Oahu March 2013 – Day 9

Ok, I know, it’s 2015 and this post is very much delayed but since we’ve been traveling a lot I haven’t had time to finish previous trip reports before starting new ones! I had this post written up before but adding the pictures took time, and I definitely wanted to complete this trip report before our next Hawaii trip in less than 2 months!

Day 9 – Our last full day on Oahu (read the rest of our Oahu Trip Report here)

We were lucky on this trip – it was bright and sunny again that morning on the North Shore. We have been very blessed to have good weather on all our Hawaii vacations. (Knock on wood again). We decided to again eschew expensive resort food to try some of the local eats. We heard good things about the breakfast at Tita’s Grill so we hopped in the car and headed there. It’s located near the Kahuku Superette where we went last night for our poke bowls. It is a casual, plate lunch counter-service establishment which serves home-cooked food and breads. I ordered a spam n egg sandwich while the hubs got the breakfast platter with Portuguese sausage. What we did not expect were the huge portions. My husband’s breakfast came with a slice of buttered toast so thick and dense, it was more like a loaf of bread. It tasted homemade and had a nice interesting slightly sweet and nutty flavor. My sandwich was also served in a large homemade roll. It was great too…but wow, was it filling. I saw some surfers who came and just ordered a slice of the toasted bread with a coffee– it was quite possibly a meal in itself because it’s so huge. I guess it’s a great way to carb-load before strenuous activity.

Anything called Polynesian bread just sounds so tempting!!

A spam and egg sandwich on a homemade bun

Portugese sausage, eggs, and rice

The huge homemade slice of Polynesian bread toast! It was dense and had a chew-y nutty flavor. Perfect for carb loading!

We could have probably shared a breakfast – so needless to say, we were stuffed! We decided that we’d try and walk it off by hiking around Turtle Bay. We were thinking at first to go to Waimea Bay park and doing the hike to the waterfall there, but we thought we’d save it for another tip. Since we were staying at Turtle Bay we might as well take advantage of the beautiful grounds. We took a walk which took us past the beach cottages – they aren’t really cottages, they are more like single-story townhomes, since they are all connected. They were featured in the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We walked past the cottages and past a pretty stable where it looked like a horseback riding tour was getting started. We noticed the trail had a lot of horse poop too! Oh well. We walked about a mile and a half before turning back to the resort. All the while, the beautiful waves were pounding and we kept stopping to look and take pictures. We saw a few other people taking walks or running but we mostly had the trail to ourselves. This resort really does have lovely grounds.

View from our walk

Beautiful views of the resort on the beach path

The cottages from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. They looked like townhomes.

The stables. Beware of horse poop on the trail!

We decided to head over to Haleiwa to grab some Matsumoto’s shave ice before the end of our trip. No trip to Oahu is complete without a shave ice from Matsumoto’s! On the way there, I called Opal Thai to make reservations for that night. My moth was watering thinking about the amazing food again!

At Matsumoto’s we ordered a lilikoi, li hing, and lychee combo with beans and ice cream. It’s my usual Triple-L combo that I get each time. Yum yum. We sat outside and ate and I went back in to troll the sale racks. I found some cute t-shirts on super sale. Score!

No trip to Oahu is complete without a Matsumoto shave ice.

The menu!

The many Matsumoto shave ice t-shirts

Our triple L combo! Lillikoi (passionfruit), li hing (preserved plum), and lychee. YUM

We walked around Haleiwa a bit again…I walked into a cute children’s store called The Growing Keiki and I found a super cute outfit for my niece which was handmade on Oahu. It was adorable. I hope she likes it!

This is an old picture but here’s the outfit I got Eva!

We decided to spend the afternoon at Sunset Beach. On the way, we stopped at Turtle Beach to see how many turtles there were today. There were 2 giant ones basking in the sand and a few who were buy generic propecia india still in the shallow rocky water. It always amazes me when I see this beach with the giant turtles. 4 years ago I never expected to see a honu that close in my life, but after our first experience swimming with them on Maui, I realize that this was part of what makes Hawaii so magical to me.

Spot the turtles!

Sunset beach was great…lots of golden sand, lots of waves. The water was cold though, so I didn’t bother to go in, I just enjoyed the time in the sand and sun, reading and watching the surfers. Only a few more hours left of the sunshine before we’re back in cold cold NYC! I was definitely going to soak up as much vitamin D as I could.

Sunset beach – golden sand and blue water…doesn’t get any better than this so I used it for my blog masthead!

For lunch we decided to head over to Kahuku to Giovanni’s shrimp truck to split a garlic shrimp plate. We’d never been to this Giovanni’s, only to the one in Haleiwa. You’d think we’d be sick of shrimp at this point but we were not…I think it only makes you crave it more. This Giovanni’s location was packed because lots of tour buses come here. There is a large covered seating area, so that was nice. There are other stands/trucks here too. We tried the grilled kahuku corn – baja and island style, which was nice, and we also got a strawberry coconut smoothie while we were waiting for our shrimp. I would not order the smoothie here again as I thought it was too sweet and artificial tasting. Giovanni’s shrimp was tasty but I thought the texture was a bit tougher, unlike Macky’s or Romy’s. I am not sure why everyone thinks Giovanni’s is the best…I think it is just the most well-known so everyone stops here. Their butter-garlic sauce is nice though because they don’t burn the garlic. For dessert, pineapple spears with li-hing powder. Yum!

Giovanni’s shrimp. I preferred Romy’s and Macky’s

The too sweet smoothie

Fresh pineapple with li hing powder (a preserved plum powder that is salty-sweet). It brings out the sweetness in the fruit.

The grilled corn two ways was good!

We returned to Turtle Bay and spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool until the sun set. We caught some lovely views and even some fire dancers.

Fire dancers

They were pretty good

Back in the room, I did a little bit of packing and we both ate another slice of Ted’s pie. Woot, my husband was happy we ate our money’s worth of pie and then some. We lounged around the room and enjoyed the sounds of the waves from our lanai. Pretty soon we had to head out to dinner at Opal.

At Opal, even though we had a reservation, we still had to wait about 20 minutes. It really is that popular. Also, it was a Saturday night, so everyone in town seemed to be dining out. Opal was very apologetic and kept coming out to talk to people. I noticed that he has somewhat reached a cult celebrity status. People were coming up and taking pictures with him. A lot of name dropping and air kissing. It seemed as if there isa regular contingent of people who worship Opal. I saw him actually spoon-feed a grown lady peanut sauce because she said she never liked it. Well, she was swooning after a bit of Opal’s version. Wow, I guess an appearance on the Food Network does that to you. As soon as we were seated, Opal comes to take our order. I tell him I definitely want the mushroom turnip cakes again, any sort of noodles, and everything else can be left to him. He asks us some questions, like are you ok with crab, allergies? Etc. He definitely remembered us and promised us a different menu. Dinner this night was just as good if not better than the first time. We started with the delectable mushroom turnip cakes, ate a robust chicken curry with hapa rice, a delicious crab infused rice noodle with hints of lime and green onion, and ended with deep fried tofu in a sweet-spicy glaze topped with more of the deep fried basil. Mmmmmmm. Great last night in Hawaii!! Oh, BTW, it is BYOB and they are nice enough that they will refrigerate your beer or wine if needed while you are waiting.

Thai iced tea perfection!

Delicious last meal at Opal’s Thai!

Back at the resort – dessert first (more pie please), then a little more packing was done, and we’re all set for tomorrow! Our flight leaves HNL at 3pm. Hmm, what should our last meal be?

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