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Lost Trip Pics – Maui 2010 Part 2

Lost Trip Pics are a series of posts from previous trips to Hawaii that I haven’t documented before on my¬† blog. I still feel a lot of the information is pertinent even years later, and the beautiful scenery never changes! Here’s the second part of our Maui 2010 trip! Read Part 1 here. After spending […]

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Lost Trip Pics – Maui 2010 Part 1

This series showcases pictures from previous trips to Hawaii which I had not documented. After a week on the Big Island back in 2010 we headed over to Maui for another week. This time on Maui was pretty relaxing because we had already been to Maui for our first anniversary the year before (read about […]

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Maui 2013 – Ziplining and Star Noodle

Taking a break from all the Bali posts (don’t worry, there’s a lot more coming) to do a recap of our experience ziplining last fall during our 5th Anniversary Trip to Maui. We had a great time during our first ziplining experience at Haleakala with Skyline Eco Adventures during our 2009 trip that we decided […]

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