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Kauai 2015: Ono Family Restaurant, Steelgrass Farm Chocolate Tour

It’s Day 5 of our week-long Kauai vacation, and today just happened to be my birthday! It didn’t really make a difference as this whole trip has been special and to actually be in Kauai on my birthday was pretty amazing. I had booked us tours at Steelgrass Farms Chocolate tour for 9am. It was […]

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Kauai 2015: Tip Top Motel, North Shore, Hanalei Taro, Hamura Saimin

This is the 4th day of our week-long Kauai 2015 Vacation. After our island-grown dinner with Kauai Ono the night before, we woke up the next day and decided to return to the North Shore and visit the beautiful beaches and scenery. On the way there, we stopped at the Tip Top Motel and Bakery in Lihue […]

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Kauai 2015: Red Salt, Poipu Beach, Eating our way to Waimea Canyon!

We woke up bright and early on our 2nd day of our week-long Kauai vacation and decided to have a nice breakfast at Red Salt, located in the boutique Koa Kea resort about five minutes away. The resort is really pretty and decorated in a modern but classic vibe. I noticed it our first time […]

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