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Maui 2013 – Ziplining and Star Noodle

Taking a break from all the Bali posts (don’t worry, there’s a lot more coming) to do a recap of our experience ziplining last fall during our 5th Anniversary Trip to Maui. We had a great time during our first ziplining experience at Haleakala with Skyline Eco Adventures during our 2009 trip that we decided to do a it again, this time in West Maui. We booked a morning appointment, around 9am, so that we could be done by lunch. I booked the appointments online and received an online booking discount (about 10% off).

We drove over to the Skyline Eco Adventures storefront in Kaanapali, a few minutes away from our West Maui condo, the Honua Kai. We checked in and waited for the rest of our group to arrive. There were about 11 people in our group. They gave us each water bottles which we are able to attach to our harness and carry with us on the trail. There is a water filling station in the store as well as some along the way as you’re ziplining.

Water bottles from Skyline Eco Adventures are yours to keep.

They realized I wasn’t wearing the proper shoes – I had closed toe walking shoes that resembled sneakers without the laces, but they wanted me to wear sneakers tied tightly so that your shoe had no way of coming off. So I had to borrow a loaner pair of shoes which turned out to be a good thing.

We were given brief instruction and we all piled into a van that would take us up the West Maui mountains for our zipline tour! We stopped by a covered station where we got our harnesses, helmets and were able to fill up our water.

Getting our helmets and harnesses from the super-friendly instructors

This is what we call our “blue steel” look

The start of our trail

The trail is easy-moderate. There were young girls and a couple of older retirees who were able to maneuver it. A few rocky spots and some up and down hills but most of it was pretty level, although you are walking in a lot of dirt, and red dirt too! This was why borrowing the shoes came out to be a good thing. My own light gray shoes would have been covered with a layer of dark red dirt when this was over!

Pretty soon we came to our first zipline. We all were a little scared at first because we were really high up! Once you go down the first zipline though, you are filled with adrenaline and want to keep on going! Even if you are a bit scared of heights like I am, I enjoy speed so I found the whole experience very exhilarating.

Steve going down the zipline

Go go go Steve!

By the third zipline, we were old pros. At each zipline there is a sign that displays a bit of history of the location we were standing on.

Some of the ziplines were longer, and some were steeper, and some were both. It’s pretty insane how high up some of them were.

We got to take a break in the middle where we got some fresh fruit and snacks plus more water. This was nice as it was getting really hot at this point. It’s definitely wise to take an early zipline to avoid the hot afternoon how can i buy lamisil online sun. We chit-chatted with the guides and the other zipliners. There were a few people from Australia and most were from the Mainland.

Taking a break from the sun and heat

The views from the mountains were breathtaking, you could see the island of Lanai in the distance

During whale watching season you could potentially see whales when visibility is this good.

The second to last line was super long!

We had a great time ziplining with Skyline Eco Adventures. The West Maui ziplines are higher and longer than the Haleakala one, but still good even if you’ve never been ziplining. I’d book the earlier tours as it can get hot mid-day. All the instructors were super friendly and cute to boot. Highly recommend!

After our zipline tour, we decided we would have lunch at Star Noodle. Since we were only a few minutes from the restaurant we didn’t bother to go back to the condo to shower and change. We cleaned up as best we could before heading to the restaurant.

Star Noodle has been on everyone’s radar since Top Chef Alum, Sheldon Simeon was the chef there. He has since moved on but Star Noodle still remains very popular among locals and tourists alike. We enjoyed Star Noodle when we first tried it during our trip in 2010. Oftentimes there is a wait for the restaurant so I suggest coming early. Since it was only 11:30 am after our zipline tour, the restaurant wasn’t at is usual crowded levels.  We knew that we wanted to order the delicious Vietnamese crepe from our last visit, as well as a few things we’ve never tried before.

Star Noodle is located in a non-nondescript industrial area of Lahaina. The restaurant itself is very modern in decor.

I really like their logo. There’s nothing more satisfying than a bowl of noodles!

I got a refreshing Yuzu iced tea

The Vietnamese omelet – shrimp, pork, beansprouts, sauteed in a coconut milk sauce in a crisp egg omelet. You wrap it in lettuce and herbs and eat it with a delicious nuoc cam dipping sauce.

Giant tempura prawns. They were huge! Light crisp batter with sweet and creamy sauces drizzled on top.

Additional spicy sauces on the side

Lahaina Fried Soup – this was unusual and incredibly addictive. Chunks of sauteed rice noodle “blocks” – it was delicious and had nice char from the wok.

The Star Noodle Ramen however, was forgettable. I didn’t think the broth was that flavorful and I thought everything was just meh. There are much better items on the menu.

Aside from the disappointing ramen, we loved everything else we ordered. We have also enjoyed the Garlic Noodles, and Pork Belly Buns in the past, and for dessert, the Malasadas with various dipping sauces are amazing. Here’s some pictures from our first meal at Star Noodle in 2010:

Fried nori (seaweed)-wrapped chicken

Our favorite Vietnamese crepe

The crepe wrapped and ready to eat!

star noodle

Garlic Noodles

The fresh fried malasadas with dipping sauces. Yum!

Star Noodle | 286 Kupuohi Street, Lahaina, HI 96761, United States | Phone:+1 808-667-5400

Read the rest of our 5th Anniversary Trip to Maui. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Safe travels!

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