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Bali 2014 Day 2 Part 1: Breakfast at the Komaneka Bisma, Ibu Oka Babi Guling

This post is part of our Bali 2014 Trip Report.

We awoke very early due to the jet lag, and what better way to pass the time than swim in our private pool? Granted it wasn’t too bright yet, but the pool was lit. When it hit 7am, we headed out to the main restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast is included in almost all hotels in Bali it seems. At the Komaneka Bisma, you have the option to eat in the restaurant or they will bring it to your suite/villa. We liked to eat in the restaurant because they service our room while we’re eating and we’d come back to a beautiful clean space.

Walking from our villa to the restaurant. Everything is lush and green

Interesting sculpture and artwork adorn the property, especially in the main building and restaurant.

Helpful staff and an array of snacks, mostly “krupuk” which you may know as shrimp chips. They are not always made with shrimp, sometimes it will have fish or even a nut paste. You can ask them for a sample of anything.

I especially loved these antique wooden doors. They were on display in the interior of the restaurant.

Today we opted to sit out on the balcony which faced the beautiful pool. It was warm and muggy but you couldn’t really do anything about it…it was like this all the time. We perused the menu and we both chose entrees from the Indonesian Breakfast menu. It is served with your choice of fresh juice, fruit and coffee. For your fruit, you can opt to have it with muesli , yogurt or just plain.

We started with a fruit bowl with muesli. I thought the muesli was a little watery, but the fruit was nice and fresh. We both got mixed juices – so a little bit of everything. It was good but I had to ask for ice because it was served room temperature and I like my juices ice cold.

My Burbur Ayam – chicken rice porridge with a creamy tumeric-scented broth. It comes with the shredded chicken on the side as well as different sambals and condiments.

My chicken porridge adorned with the different toppings. It was flavorful and filling, yet not too heavy!

Steve’s Mee Goreng – Indonesian fried noodles. Always served with a sunny side up egg on top. This was pretty good.

Breakfast with a view. Please excuse Steve on his blackberry. He was still trying to track down his iphone at this time.

You can view all sorts of sculpture around the grounds. This was taken from the restaurant.

We decided to walk around the grounds for a bit – we also made an appointment for our included 1-hr couples massage at the Bisma Spa. We were looking forward to our appointment later in the evening! Walking around the Bisma is just beautiful.

We took the spiral staircase down

Past the lobby where these lovely fruit were on display

Past the gorgeous main pool

Past the rice paddies

Past the second main pool, which is next to the spa. There was no one here whenever we looked!

But I don’t know why since they have these beautiful lounge beds. I’d surely spend my time here if we didn’t have a pool villa.

We walked down past the main building and looped back up to our villa buy lamisil 250mg (the path kind of makes a big loop)

Steve found his activity for the day…

And I found mine back at the villa…at least until lunch!

Steve finally tore himself away from the hammock to join me

It’s nice to finally relax!

After our morning of exploring and relaxing, we took the free shuttle from the Bisma to Ubud center. We told the staff that we were going to get babi guling in town, and they all said, “Ibu Oka! It’s the most famous and the best!” It made us look forward to trying it even more. It was about a 10 minute ride to town and is actually much closer than it seemed because the car had to slow down to maneuver around narrow Jalan Bisma. The car dropped us of in front of the Ubud Palace and told us they would pick us up at the same spot. We walked just a few blocks and saw the sign for Ibu Oka.

The famous Babi Guling Ibu Oka. This is the original one, but there are several outposts around Ubud.

You had to walk down a narrow alley way to the restaurant.But don’t worry as there are plenty of signs to point the way so you won’t get lost.

Plenty of signage

The restaurant itself was quite large. It’s open air, and there are many seats. There were only a handful of people there when we got there but I heard it gets really crowded during prime lunch hours, and sometimes they can run out of suckling pig!

Pretty empty at 11:30am, but it gets crowded later.

There’s really only one thing on the menu: pork. Suckling pig or “babi guling” to be exact, plus other pork parts. We each ordered one babi guling set. We got one of the regular sets and one of the larger sets which included slightly larger portions and soup. Each meal was about 3-4 dollars US.

Here is the regular Babi Guling set. Comes with rice, shredded pork, crackling, blood sausage, some fried offal (I think it was intestines), some veggies, and is all smothered with a spicy sambal sauce. It was delicious! I’d have this meal daily if I could.

Here is the larger set, where the meats are served separately and you also get a soup. I thought this was a better value as for a buck more, you get a larger portion of everything and the soup was also pretty good, albeit a bit oily.

Soup with vegetables and pork bits. It was savory and satisfying.

We drank Tehbotol which is just a bottled sweetened ice tea.

We were very happy with Babi Guling Ibu Oka. I don’t think you can complain much about a delicious plate of food for 3 bucks. It was spicy and filling and had all the traditional flavors we were looking for. Just an FYI, since it’s from a large roast pig that was cooked earlier in the day, the meat is served at room temperature.

We set off to do a bit of walking around Ubud. However, it was getting really really hot, and we were sweating like crazy!

Heading out to explore Ubud town. It was really hot though! Good thing Steve brought a hat.

Stay tuned about our other adventures that day, including our dinner at the famed Mozaic Ubud.

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