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Bali 2014 Day 1 Part 2: Arriving in Ubud – The Komaneka Bisma

This post is part of our Bali 2014 trip.

After our encounter with “kopi luwak” we continued on with our driver to Ubud. As we approached the heart of Ubud, the streets got narrower and more crowded, until at last we approached Jalan Bisma, the street where our hotel was located. I was shocked to see the turn onto Jalan Bisma was so narrow, and it was also two-way street! Our driver literally had to inch past other cars, motorcycles and pedestrians just to navigate up the tiny street. The street was also lined with shops and restaurants, with barely any sidewalk, hence people just walked on the road. It took a while just to navigate about 2 blocks. Once we got past some of the buildings, the road opened up and became more of a secluded dirt road. I had no idea where we were going to end up but we somehow made it to the Komaneka Bisma and turned into their circular driveway! At last!

The helpful Bisma staff unloaded the car and we tipped our driver. The airport transfer is actually included in our room rate so we didn’t have to pay the driver separately. It was starting to rain and got a bit misty at this point, but we could still see our resort had some beautiful sights.

Lobby at the Komaneka Bisma. Despite the rain, it was still pretty, and had and almost magical rainforest feel with all the mist in the trees.

A welcome sight

This was the view looking down from the lobby. This is the main pool – it was a gorgeous view.

As we were being checked in, we were brought refreshing welcome beverages. I couldn’t remember exactly what was in here, but I caught the words “carrot” and “sprite”. Whatever it was, it worked for me and I thought it was quite good. The staff at the Bisma were really warm and welcoming, I felt like we were coming home instead of to a place we’d never been to. This feeling was echoed multiple times during our stay.

Welcome drink, cold and refreshing.

We were escorted to our villa by one of our “butlers” – I am sorry to say that I didn’t catch his name. But all of them were so helpful and they seemed to work seamlessly and in unison. So no matter if you called reception and didn’t get the same person each time, they seemed to know exactly what what going on and could anticipate your every need. In fact, Steve realized he left his iPhone on the plane, and when he told them, they pretty much took care of everything and made all the phone calls and emails just to track it down. They are just so good about helping you in any way they can and we really appreciated their hard work in tracking down the phone! All the staff looked as if they truly enjoyed working there, and you get the feeling that it was their pleasure to serve you. I wish I had help like this every day!

We were in villa 109, which is one of the one-bedroom private pool villas. We were escorted in a golf cart to our villa, on the way passing by the main building which housed the other rooms and suites.

Walkway past the main building to the villas. Everything is just so green and lush.

Entry to our villa

After 32 hours of travelling, this was the most welcome sight!

The villa looked just like it did in pictures. The living/pool/kitchen space was very large and open. The infinity pool was huge!

Beautiful pool. I don’t think it’s heated because Bali is so hot anyways you don’t need it! It was always a good temperature.

Kitchen area

Fresh fruit on our arrival

Cookies too…they were a crunchy, buttery cookie with chocolate chips.

Lounge bed

Thatched roofs. I really love them. it reminds me of my honeymoon in Tahiti, and it also makes me feel like I’m in someplace exotic.

Pool loungers…every evening during turn down they would remove the chair padding and close the umbrella. In the morning they would make it up like this. I think it’s so that it won’t get wet if it rains at night.

The bedroom was through sliding glass doors and was also connected to the bathroom. I liked that it was fully enclosed.

Bedroom through the glass sliding doors

The air-conditioning in the bedroom felt so good! Since it was early evening at this point, they had already provided the turn down service where they lay out his and hers sleep shirts. A nice touch!

Close up of our petal decor and the sleep shirt. They were very soft.

Bathroom vanity area. There were two sinks on either side plus plenty of closet space. The toiletries were well stocked.

Free standing tub. The bathroom was very large. There was also an indoor shower, plus an outdoor shower as well.

Perfect for bubble baths!

The first thing we did after we settled in and unpacked was to jump in the pool! It felt so good to be enveloped by the cool crisp water…swimming was always the first thing we did in the morning and last thing we did at night…it was so much fun to have a private pool.

This is what we’ve been waiting for!

The view into the valley below was hidden by the trees

But the trees provided nice shade, especially during the afternoon when it got REALLY hot

One thing we noticed…there were a lot of bugs! They were everywhere. I already got bit when we went to the Luwak Coffee place, so I was happy to see complimentary bug spray in all the rooms. They had both a natural ingredient-based one and regular OFF! spray. They also had coils to burn in the outdoor areas which was much appreciated.

Here’s a little video I shot of the Komaneka Bisma 1-BR Pool Villa during the day. I’m sorry it’s not a great video, I’m more used to taking pictures than video. I’ll work on it for upcoming trips!

After our lazy swimming session on our first day, it was getting late and we were obviously tired from the travel so we opted to have dinner at the resort. There is one restaurant at the resort and it caters mainly to hotel guests. We decided to eat in the restaurant instead of ordering room service just so we could explore a bit. The walk from our villa to the main building with the restaurant was about 3 minutes.

Some complimentary rice crackers to start, served with some spicy and sweet dipping sauces.

Gado gado appetizer. Different items like veggies, tofu, tempe, that you dip in a delicious peanut sauce. Sometimes Gado Gado is served premixed with the sauce.

I got the “ayam goreng” – fried chicken. It was very crispy.

Beef rendang for Steve, we also had a choice of yellow or white rice on the side. with our entrees.

Appreciated the different sambal sauces on the side. I love sambal and chili pastes!

It was a very nice first meal. Prices were very reasonable for hotel restaurants. Granted, it’s more expensive than eating outside, but I thought it was decent for the money.

We were exhausted but it was a great arrival in Bali! We were welcomed with open arms at the Komaneka Bisma and everyone has been super friendly. We couldn’t wait to see what else Bali had in store for us…the adventure continues…

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