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Bali 2014 – We’re back! Recap in Instagram pics…

We’re back from Bali! I would have done this update sooner, but I caught some sort of stomach virus after we landed and was in bed for close to a day. I’m much better now so I can start to document our trip while it’s still fresh in my mind!

We had an awesome time on this trip, but it was very very hot in Bali! So hot, that we more or less ditched our plans to do anything during the afternoons and just cool off in the pool or book a 2 hour spa treatment. I forget how hot SE Asia can be, but I was surprised at the lack of air conditioning in Bali. Usually I am ok in Singapore (which has the same climate) because you can just easily duck into a store or shopping center to ease yourself from the heat. It was very different in Bali because I thought the A/C was poor to average in most places we visited, and I am one of those people who likes her A/C frigid. But other than the heat (and the bugs), we had a nice relaxing vacation, with a lot of eating and spa treatments! Bali is special place because of the people. The people are so genuinely nice there, especially at the Komanka Bisma where we stayed at our first 3 nights in Ubud. But I will get to that in my post on the Komaneka. For now, here is a recap of our trip in Instagram pics I took over the last week and a half (follow me on Instagram here):

We traveled in first and business class for the entire trip thanks to an award redemption for United Miles. We flew United Business First to Brussels, Swiss First class to Zurich, Thai Royal First Class to Bangkok, then Thai Royal Silk (business class) to Bali. The total travel time to Bali including time in transit, was about 31 hours. Whew!

First Class on Thai Airways

Our private infinity pool at the Komaneka Bisma

In-villa breakfasts were delicious and decadent

Trying Civet Coffee (Kopi Luwak) for the first time…and holding a civet too!

Rice paddies everywhere!

And then we moved to Seminyak, which is the more bustling up-market shopping area near the beach, about a 45 minute drive from Ubud.

Our beautiful and huge pool at the Layar in Seminyak

Nasi Ayam (chicken and rice) was cheap and satisfying!

Hanging out at Potato Head Beach Club

An over the top brunch at the St Regis Bali, foie gras, caviar, lobster, all you can eat!


On our return trip we flew business class the entire way, 2 legs on Thai Airways Royal Silk Class from Bali to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Seoul. From Seoul to JFK, we flew Asiana Airlines in their Business Smartium class. I thought this was a great flight! The plane was new and the lie-flat seats were comfortable to sleep in, and it was one of the best in-flight meals of the trip because I got to eat yummy Korean food.

Start of our multi course Korean menu on Asiana Airlines Business Class

In total, we traveled a little more than 60 hours in flight plus transit time in 10 days! This has been the longest travel time I’ve ever had to endure. Even when I used to travel to Singapore every summer, I’ve never had such long layovers or this many connections. I guess I can’t really be picky with an award ticket, and one that is in premium cabins. I’m definitely lucky to even make it to Bali on miles! It definitely made the trip more pleasant to have a seat that converts to a bed, although I must admit they are not as comfortable as they sound.

Stay tuned for my detailed posts about our trip, beginning with traveling to Brussels on United Business First!

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