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maui november 2009 – day 6

We awoke on our 6th day to bright blue skies – what a beautiful day! We headed down to our included breakfast buffet. It was a pretty awesome buffet. Everything was fresh and delicious. You can also request an order of mac nut pancakes which are not on the buffet but is available with no extra charge. Yummy. I definitely got my fill of mac nut pancakes on this trip. It’s funny because I don’t normally eat mac nuts anywhere else outside of Hawaii. I buy a lot back as gifts but I never eat them myself even though they are quite tasty. I think it’s one of those things I save to eat on the islands…

Breakfast was delicious and sooo filling. I saw us skipping lunch – I didn’t have anything planned though. Now it was time to enjoy the massive pool at the Ritz! The pool area is just luscious and the views are also really pretty. 3 levels of pool to choose from. It wasn’t crowded ever when we were there, but I don’t know about other times of the year. There were plenty of chairs and also private cabanas which you can rent, I think.

my view for the morning

After an enjoyable morning at the pool, still in our bathing suits and cover-ups, we decided to venture down to the Kapalua golf course because our guidebook told us of a pretty cool site called Dragon’s Teeth. You can walk there from the Ritz Carlton, you just follow the edge of the golf course until it hits an area where the lush green grass ends and it is jagged volcanic rock, right where it meets the ocean. It was really quite breathtaking to see the large splashes the wave made against the rocks. You can walk all around the formation but be careful as it can be sharp in certain areas. It’s not really a flip flop/sandal kinda walk, but of course we didn’t have anything else on our feet. It’s a cool place to take pictures and video. You are mesmerized by the waves thinking the next one is gonna be bigger than the one before. It is highly recommended if you’re in the Kapalua resort area.

walking around the kapalua resort area


walking towards the shore to find “dragons teeth”


found it!


quite fun and exciting to watch the waves. we always get a good laugh when unsuspecting onlookers who were standing too close got a wall of water. I suspect that will be us next time…

After our morning/afternoon at the Kapalua Resort, we decided to head out for a bit before our dinner at Lahaina Grill, but not before stopping at the Spa to book an appointment for a facial for me. Our 100 dollar resort credit was well spent here. I booked my appt for the day we were leaving because I like to reserve spa treatments at the end of our trip, reasons being: I can have something to look forward to instead of thinking about how vacation’s over. Also I like to be fully relaxed when I get on a plane so I can keep the “vacation” mode for a while longer…

We took the car and on our way out, stopped by the Honolua Store to check it out. It’s a cute little grocery/general store located right outside the Ritz. It has a prepared food section which looked pretty good, and prices are very reasonable. It’s too bad we were still fairly full from breakfast otherwise we’d totally have gotten something to eat. I did however, get a spam musubi snack to share. Two thumbs up!

walking to the Honolua Store

honolua storefront

My husband really wanted to watch the Chicago Bears game playing at the time so we headed over to Lahaina to find a good sports bar. I think a Yelp search helped us find Lulu’s in the Lahaina Cannery mall so we settled in for a few hours of football and frozen concoctions. I took a little walk through the mall myself, and it primarily seems like a touristy spot with many souvenir shops selling t-shirts, Hawaiiana, and tropical gear. There weren’t that many stores but still it was a lot of fun to browse since I hadn’t really done much shopping at all, and I found a few things for friends. I am not sure if this mall had the best prices out of all the touristy shops in Maui but I didn’t really have that many days left to do a price compare. My friends were very happy with their gifts (mostly locally-crafted jewelry and the like) so I think the selection in the mall was decent.

front of lulu’s


lots of sports here

Back at Lulu’s after kicking back a lava flow (or two) and a platter of wings for the hubs, we headed back to Front Street to walk around before dinner. It’s definitely the place to be – lots of people walking around. I guess this is where everyone has been the entire week! I passed by the Museum of the Early Chinese in Maui and thought it sounded really interesting but it closed at 4pm. Shucks. Maybe one day.

too bad it’s closed. maybe next time!


front street lit up at night


lovely to walk around at night…or any time of day!


signage at lahaina grill

Our dinner at Lahaina Grill was great. The service was excellent. Lahaina Grill is located right off Front Street, but it doesn’t have a water view of anything, but it does have really delicious food. We started with a few glasses of wine and a prickly pear martini which was yummy. We shared the appetizer of seared foie gras and ahi tuna. Yum, I think this was one of the best foie gras pairings I’ve had! For my entrée I got the grilled bone-in rib-eye with blue cheese mashed potatoes and the hubs got seared sea scallops, both were delicious and beautifully prepared. The dining rooms can get quite loud and there were a lot of people there but all of them looked like they were having a good time.

delicious tuna and fois pairing




rib eye…mmm

We wanted to get dessert, but I really wanted a shave ice so after dinner we stopped at Ululani’s shave ice on Front Street. Since it was kinda breezy we didn’t really get to appreciate our shave ice completely, like we would on a hot sunny afternoon, but it was still good, although not as good as the one I had in Kihei at Local Boys. It started to drizzle a bit at that point so we decided to head back to the hotel. My shave ice kinda melted quickly after that. Note to self: shave ice is better when it’s during the day and when it’s not raining! Overall, a very great day chillin’ on the west side of Maui, ate some great food and wine too!


best shave ice in Lahaina…


yummy, but melted quickly in the rain

What a fantastic day, we were so full from our fabulous dinner. Next, Day 7, our last full day in Maui…sniff.

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