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Out with the Hu’u…in with The Layar

It’s less than two weeks until our Trip of a Lifetime to Bali and we’ve been thrown a massive curve ball. A few days ago I received an email from The Luxe Nomad, which is the website I used to book our villas in Seminyak, the Hu’u Villas. The email stated that the owner of the Hu’u Bar and Villas has decided to claim his resort for a new nights in November…and not just one or two villas, but the ENTIRE villa complex. This means that all guests, even those who booked a long time ago (yours truly), and already prepaid (again, yours truly) have to be MOVED to a different villa altogether. WHAT!?!

This changes everything! All the months of research that I put in to select our villa, the location, and the amenities in the area have basically been for naught. This annoyed the heck out of me – obviously the owner of Hu’u does not hold customer service very highly if he treats his guests like this. And less than 2 weeks before our trip?? Ridiculous. As with all things in life, however upsetting, I always try to find some ALOHA! Our new villa looks to be a beautiful upscale resort in it’s own right, so I guess moving from one luxury resort to another isn’t so bad (first world problems, I know).

I have to give kudos to The Luxe Nomad team, who were equally as upset with the Hu’u, and probably more as they had to relocate all of their guests who booked the Hu’u through them for those dates. They were prompt in communicating and even negotiated an upgrade for us; our new digs are actually bigger and more expensive than the Hu’u. I didn’t have to pay anything additional either. Maybe this change is a good thing. So here’s our NEW accommodation for 4 nights in Seminyak, Bali: The Layar.

The Layar Villas Bali. Image from abalivillas.

Layar means “sail” in Indonesian which clearly comes to life in the architecture of the villa, especially the angled sweeping roofs. It looks very modern and sleek. I do think it’s quite stunning – and given this opportunity to stay there, I guess this is where I make lemonade out of lemons!

There are quite a number of villas there, with numerous 2-, 3- and even 4-bedroom villas making up the most part of the compound. We will be in a modest 1-bedroom villa. The pictures below are taken from The Layar’s own website:

The Layar Villa’s living room space – already the “open-ness” of the villas is already making me cringe at the thought of all the mosquitoes buy generic propecia cheap that will inevitably attack me.

Private lounging/swimming pool area. I like how the pool looks big enough to swim comfortably.

Bedroom in the Layar Villa – luckily this is air-conditioned and fully enclosed.

Bathroom with dual sinks and rain shower.

The soaking tub, which is located outdoors. Yes, I could get used to this.

So now I’m pretty excited about staying at the Layar, although it didn’t have my needs of a fully enclosed living space with air conditioning – then again neither is where we have booked for our first 3 nights in Ubud. Maybe I will be used to it by the time we arrive here…but we’ll have to see about that.

Some other differences between the Hu’u and the Layar, is that the Hu’u offers free cocktails and bites during happy hour, and VIP access to Hu’u Bar and Club. Apparently Hu’u also have a large selection of products in their bathroom and shower areas (which is actually common in Asia). Not too sure about the Layar. The Layar doesn’t have a happy hour per se because they don’t have an attached restaurant or bar, but they do offer an in-room barbeque by a private chef that does look tempting. Also not sure about the in-room amenities but I will be sure to report back! What’s nice about the Layar is that each villa is essentially a private stand-alone structure enclosed in a garden with walls. The Hu’u had shared walls with the villa next door (essentially like a townhouse feel). The Layar also seems bigger, and more spacious.

In-Villa barbeque at The Layar. Image from Ultimate Bali.

Location-wise, the Layar seems to be further inland in Seminyak than the Hu’u. I have yet to figure out where everything is in relation to The Layar since the sudden change derailed my initial set of research…any tips?

I still have not planned activities while in Bali but I think my main thing to do here is relax, do plenty of spa treatments, take a yoga class or two, eat to our hearts content, and just walk around and soak up everything that is Bali. I kinda just want to sleep in our villa’s air-conditioned bedroom and swim in our private pools…and maybe go to some nice dinners, or lunches too.

I currently have dinner reservations at prime dining spot, Metis, in Seminyak.

It’s kind of hitting me right now that we’ll be going to Bali in less than 2 weeks, and traveling international first class for the first time!  I’m so excited!


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