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maui november 2009 – day 5

This is Day 5 of our Maui November 2009 adventure.

The next morning, we woke up early again, and even though we had to check out by 11am we thought we could still fit in a quick trip to the beach. After some pineapple manju and coffee in our room, we headed out to the beach. We went back to the same beach we saw the turtles at previously, a little past Wailea but before Big Beach. Unfortunately there were no turtles this time but we still had a fun time snorkeling.

chillin’ at the beach

After heading back to the Maui Coast, we showered, changed, packed up and checked out of the Maui Coast Hotel. Even though we didn’t spend too much time here, we only have positive things to say of Maui Coast. It’s a good home “base” if you’re looking to do a lot of activities and want someplace new and comfortable to crash at a reasonable price. Definitely get one of the suites if you like a bit more room though. Our regular king bed room was a little cramped.

On our way to Kapalua, there was a local place I wanted to check out in Kahului: Sam Sato’s for their dry mein. I’ve heard tons of good things about this place, and it’s the sort of hole-in-the wall local style place we’ve come to love. It closes at 3pm though just an FYI. Dry mein is like chinese noodle soup – but with the soup on the side, hence the “dry” label. I love noodle soups but I like it even better when the soup is on the side. Then you can control the wetness of the noodle with each spoonful!

dry mein from sam sato’s. photo courtesy of

We both got the dry mein and a side of the chicken skewers. The dry mein was really really tasty, the noodles are simply served with a smattering of charsiu (chinese roast pork) and scallions. Even though the dish seems plain there is a lot of flavor packed in the noodles themselves. Also the texture of the noodle is really good: chewy and thick, perfectly cooked al dente. The broth is also savory and delicious. Definitely a winner!! The chicken sticks were not bad but I think the noodles themselves are the highlight. We also tried some of their special manju which was good but I liked Homemaid Bakery’s better because of their crisper crust.

The drive to Kapalua is really beautiful and didn’t take long at all. From Kahului it was about 30 minutes without much traffic driving at an easy pace. I was in love with our convertible! Coming from NYC where I spend half of the day commuting underground, this was just the most wonderful experience. The only bad thing is that there is barely any trunk space. Our Styrofoam cooler that we purchased had to be stored in the back seat, and the top of it blew off! So basically each day we had a large box of ice in the back seat sloshing around…I also loved how the scenery changed constantly on our drive to the west side, one second it would be lush and beach-y, then dry and desert-like.

drive to kapalua


drive to kapalua

We had planned to visit I’ao needle on our way but we decided to save that for a future trip…we just wanted to get to relaxing asap!

Upon entering the Kapalua resort complex, we noticed how much more secluded it felt than the rest of Maui. The tree-lined buy propecia online prescription drive led to the resort. The check in was very easy, and we got black polished kukui nut necklaces. We had decided to do self-parking, which is across from the hotel. Not too bad of a walk.

sooo looking forward to this!

I had booked a garden room but we were upgraded to pool view. Breakfast buffet was also included in our rate. I had booked through and got a very competitive rate. Our room was huge and inviting. The hardwood floors were my favorite part. It’s rare to find hardwood in hotel rooms! The bathroom is also really large. It felt like we were in Vegas, in the Bellagio hotel bathrooms. LOL.

photo courtesy of – but our room was just like this 🙂

For our first afternoon, we walked around at the Ritz Carlton beach. Although the waves were too high for swimming, it was still really amazing to watch. There was a wedding going on and the couple were having their picture taken at the beach during sunset. Beautiful! We also did a quick dip in the pool. The pool area is huge, having three “tiers” of pools. We spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening just chilling in our ginormous room and watching TV. Just realized they had DVD players in the rooms. Wish I had known that so I could have brought a movie or two. Vacations are usually my time to catch up on nexflix. :)

beautiful wedding pictures, they will have


i could stay here forever…

Not deciding where to have dinner yet, we headed out to Lahaina to check out Front street restaurants and shops. It’s definitely where all the nightly action is – I think this is the most people we’ve seen all week aside from the airport. We settled on Kimo’s because it wasn’t crowded and it had a pretty central location in the heart of Front Street. We were seated upstairs, and although it was night there wasn’t much of a view but we could still hear the waves of the ocean.

For meals, I got the teriyaki steak and shrimp combo which is served with rice and a side of butter and teri dipping sauce. I don’t think my steak/shrimp combo had the teri steak to begin with but I asked them if they could just make it teri-style and they were happy to do so. My husband go the grilled Wahoo served with rice. Everything was solid, nothing fancy but definitely well-prepared. I can see this being a good people watching place during the day.

dinner at kimo’s

After dinner we walked up and down Front Street. ! Its nice that the shops are open late so you have time to browse around after dinner. I ended up buying a handmade decorative candle which has a built-in light and the words Maui carved into it along with 2 sea turtles. It was pricey…but when in Rome…unfortunately the candle somehow slightly melted in our apartment during the summer, and ended up with dust particles IN the candle. It wasn’t a very pretty sight anymore so it had to get tossed out. Oh well.

Overall, today we had a smooth transition from South to West Maui, we got to eat some good local eats, and check into a five star hotel. Looking forward to our next 2 days of chillaxin’! Our vacation was sadly coming to an end…onward to Day 6!

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