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Bali Nov 2014 – Villas booked!

Our Trip of a Lifetime is getting closer! I can’t believe it is August already. In four months, we’ll be on our way (in First Class!) to the island of Bali, Indonesia. Since I had booked our flights in January, I had plenty of time to research and play around with itineraries and places to stay.

Since my first-class flights were essentially free, I had the budget to book more luxurious lodgings that I normally would. I had a bunch of free nights at the Grand Hyatt Bali too, but it’s located in Nusa Dua, which is the very cultivated and resort-y locale of Bali. It kind of reminded me of Wailea, Maui! I kind of wanted to stay away from large resorts and to have more of an exciting, local feel, so I decided to stay at independent properties rather than huge hotel chains. Our first 3 nights will be spent in Ubud where we will immerse ourselves in culture (a.k.a. holistic spa treatments), and then we will move to the swanky upscale enclave called Seminyak to enjoy beaches and culinary delights (eating all day long). I researched and researched and used lots of travel websites (tripadvisor,, etc.) to find villas in either location that met my requirements:

– Convenient location to area attractions (after 30 hours of traveling to Bali I’d rather do a majority of exploring by foot or very SHORT car rides)

– Villa with a private pool (I’ll probably not be able to afford such a luxury when visiting other parts of the world, so am fully taking advantage of the fact we can stay at a luxurious villa with our own pool at reasonable prices.)

– Air conditioning (lots and lots of it!)

I found narrowing my choices down in Ubud was a lot easier than Seminyak. I had it down to The Chedi Club and the Komaneka Bisma in Ubud. They both offer luxurious amenities, 5-star service, and beautiful vistas, based on the numerous reviews and photos I saw online.

Chedi Club 1BR Pool Villa. Image from

Komaneka Bisma – 1 BR Pool Villa (image from

The both look pretty amazing, right? It was hard to choose one…they were both hovering around the 400-500 range per night for our dates, so price wasn’t really a factor in my decision…but in the end I went with the Komankea Bisma! I just loved the way the pool looks, I’ve always wanted my own private infinity pool! And not to mention the views look amazing. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that the living room is not fully enclosed – which means no air conditioning and probably more mosquitoes! I’m hoping the fact that the room is elevated would provide some deterrent for other critters, but really, who am I kidding…the pool is all that matters.

The bedroom and bathroom look really nice too. 🙂

komaneka bedroom

The bedroom at the 1-BR Pool villa at the Komaneka Bisma (image from Yes this is the air-conditioned part of the villa.

The bathroom with separate shower and tub – not pictured is the outdoor shower (image from

They also have a phenomenal-looking main pool. I can’t wait to do some laps in here…but am afraid I’ll only make it halfway without huffing and puffing, that thing looks super long! I like how it kind of juts out into the rice paddies that surround it.

The main pool and secondary pool below, all surrounded by lush rice paddies (image from

I cannot wait to stay here! I’ve heard some exemplary things about the Komaneka service (and service in general all over Bali) – so I am looking forward to experiencing propecia 1mg this first hand.

On the other hand, I had a lot of difficulty narrowing down my search in Seminyak. There are a LOT of villas, and they all boast beautiful pools and fine interiors. It’s hard to make a decision when you don’t know the lay of the land, or where the best and safest areas are to stay are. It would be nice to be on the beach but most resorts on the beach don’t have villas, just regular hotel rooms and suites, and I was really set on getting a private pool. So proximity to the beach would be nice, plus a location within walking distance to some of the area’s best restaurants and shopping was also key. I guess because we’re spending so much time cooped up in airports/planes/cars traveling to Bali, that I want to avoid having to take transportation as much as possible. I think I also miss living in New York City, where I used to be able to to walk to so many places…so walking everywhere in Bali appealed to me!

I narrowed it down to a few places (actually it was more than a few, I had like fifteen on my list!) but with help from my good friend, Lana, I finally booked the Hu’u Villas Bali for our remaining four nights. It’s a new-ish villa complex located next to the happening nightspot, Hu’u Bar. I love the fact that the living and sleeping areas are fully enclosed and air-conditioned, but best of all I am happy with the location as it seems to be extremely convenient to the beach and some of Bali’s famous hotspots, Potato Head Beach Club, La Lucciola, Sarong, and of course, the popular Hu’u Bar which is right next door. Apparently the villas have been soundproofed so that the noise doesn’t carry at night. In all honestly, I don’t mind noise. I think I miss city life a bit  🙂

Private pool villas at Hu’u Bali. (Image from

The soaring loft interior of the 1-BR villa. The upstairs is the sleeping area. (image from

Another angle of the interior. (image from

Trendy on-site hotspot Hu’u Bar and Singaporean Baba’s restaurant (image from

I am really excited to stay so close to the Hu’u and Baba’s restaurant because Baba’s serves traditional Singaporean food like laksa, and chicken rice. Since I am from Singapore, I will get a taste of home, even though I’m not there!

Prices for this villa were in the 400/night range for our dates. It’s not the biggest nor the most sprawling villa, but you do pay a premium for the location. However what really made me pounce on this villa was a fantastic rate I found through The Luxe Nomad, which is a Singaporean-based travel site. They do flash sales for popular hotels in exotic destinations. When I saw this villa for less than 200 a night during a flash sale, I immediately booked it (after consulting my Bali expert friend, Lana, of course, who gave me the thumbs up). This is almost half off the cheapest rate I found online! The only thing is that the rate is non-refundable, but since nothing’s gonna stop me from going on this trip, I was OK with this!

So that’s the update on the vacation planning! Now to find what to do/see/eat…I am definitely going to plan to get a spa treatment every day if I can…and indulge in some famous suckling pig at Ibu Oka in Ubud. I’ll be following all sorts of articles and blogs on the best places to eat! If you have anything to share, please drop me a line. 🙂


August 18, 2014 - 6:20 am

Myra Jonson - Hi Su-Lynn! All the very best for your impending trip. I am yet to visit Bali and must admit that your post inspires a craving to be there soon! And must congratulate you for bumping in to such a great villa.Kudos for your research!

August 27, 2014 - 4:53 pm

tifa2276 - Thank you Myra!

June 11, 2015 - 10:01 pm

Robert - Wow, a villa and resort attractive. Whether it has an attractive spa facilities as well? many women will love. This certainly would be a very good accommodation, while visited to Bali. nice post. thanks. We will visit Bali this year, might be to Seminyak. thanks for the share.

November 22, 2015 - 3:25 am

Private Villa Seminyak Bali - woww 1 of villa you stay is view looking to forest.. it’s wonderfull

January 10, 2016 - 6:32 am

Brown Feather Bali - are you trip in bali for honeymoon? or with family? its nice place

January 10, 2016 - 11:26 pm

Su-Lynn - We went to Bali November 2014 to celebrate our 6th Wedding anniversary it was an amazing trip, thanks for reading!

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