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Andaz Maui Part 3 – Awili Spa

This post is part of our 5th Anniversary Trip to Maui.

But first…it’s freezing in NYC and the past week has basically been about staying warm as well as learning to cope with a new house and a ton of snow.

It’s snowing, and so very cold.

Never having lived in a house before, all of the maintenance and care of a house is new to me. I didn’t even know we had to do stuff like “winterize” the sprinkler system! At least Steve has some knowledge having lived in houses most of his life. Whew! He’s good to have around. <3

At least our house looks like a gingerbread house.

It’s nice to talk about our past Hawaii trips because it keeps us (me) warm! Mentally at least. So here’s our report on the Awili Spa at the wonderful Andaz Maui at Wailea resort. You can read our initial reports on the Andaz here and here.

The Awili Spa at the Andaz Maui Wailea

As a gift to my husband I had booked us Omakase Spa treatments at the Awili Spa…let me tell you, it is probably the most expensive spa treatment I have ever paid for. Yes the spa is mega $$$…but it is sooo luxurious and relaxing, that I thought it was a worthy splurge.

I booked the spa appointments over the phone about 2 weeks before before we arrived with the spa’s  manager, Charity. Charity helped us with booking the treatments as well as offering suggestions on which treatments can be combined to be considered Omakase. For Omakase, you choose from a list of 2 spa treatments per person, and you spend extra time with a spa alchemist prior to your treatments to create the concoctions for your omakase experiance. That is an added cost of 50 dollars in addition to the treatment prices and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, We booked massages as well as scalp treatments for our Omakase experience.

After our hefty breakfast at Ka’ana Kitchen, We arrived at the spa an hour earlier and sat with a really nice lady (forgot her name, darn) who acted as our “alchemist” – basically explaining all the different essential oils, fruit juices, nectars, and pulps that we could mix up and use in our treatments.

Entering the Awili Spa

The spa is decorated in a modern apothecary theme. The beautiful wood cabinets designed in that old apothecary style are gorgeous! I wish I could have a wall of these cabinets!

The apothecary-style spa decor

Refreshing star anise water is served for your enjoyment during your “alchemy session”

The set up of all the goodies we could play with

Here’s us at the spa! I should really learn to sit up straight.

We didn’t know where to start because we hadn’t done anything like this before but our “alchemist” was super sweet and patient and let us take our time and smell and feel every base oil, essential oil, extract, and juice . She also made recommendations as to which product were good for your hair, scalp, and skin etc.

Sampling the different offerings

So with our new found knowledge of natural healing (and a lot of playing around and sniffing different oils), for our massages we decided on a base of coconut order lamisil oil, both pineapple and lillikoi juice (yes, they were fresh juices!), lavender essential oil, and some awapuhi which we squeezed ourselves fresh into a bowl! Who knew the awapuhi bulb could hold so much juice! It was insane.

Squeezing the awapuhi!

We also got to concoct special treatment pastes which were applied to sore spots, like shoulders and neck. We choose a mint and lavender blend for this. These were put into smaller bowls on  our “treatment tray.” And for our scalp treatments, it was coconut milk, avocado oil, lillikoi, lavender, and lots of awapuhi juice! It was so much fun doing this and she let us smell each scent thoroughly and let us take our time in making our selections while being helpful in offering insight to what was good for skin, hair etc. Definitely the coolest spa experience we’ve had. 

Our finished concoctions….they smelled so yummy and you can probably eat them too!

We were then taken to our separate locker rooms which housed a huge, and I mean huge Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. I loved it!

Huge jacuzzi in the women’s locker room.

Sauna and Steam room, both were very spacious.

Very high tech sinks make their appearance too. Very cool.

After we changed into our robes, you have the option of going to the shared waiting room (co-ed) or to the gender-specific relaxation rooms. We chose to go to the co-ed room, but I went to the female room to check it out and I snapped a pic of these yummy snacks (I may have grabbed some dried pineapple too).

yummy snacks

Our massages and scalp treatments were amazing. They were some of the best I’ve ever had (and I love spas). I was lulled into that most awesome feeling between being asleep yet being consciously awake to enjoy every moment. Yes I was covered in fruit juice and loved every minute of it! Our skin was so soft and glowy for days!

After our treatments, we each enjoyed the amenities in the locker rooms a little while longer. You can return throughout the day of your treatment to enjoy them again if you’d like!

Natural Coola brand sunscreens for face and body are for use in the lock rooms. This is also available near the pool areas.

The adult pool is located right downstairs from the spa, so it is a short walk. Note that the adult pool has a “spa” inspired food menu which is the same as the menu at the other infinity pools just minus the bad-for-you stuff, such as onion rings, burgers, etc. LOL.

The Adult pool as seen from our room

This is NOT available at the adult pool (although it wouldn’t hurt to ask since the menu is essentially the same as the other pools, but only the healthy items. These furikake onion rings were had at the main pool.

I highly recommend the Awili Spa for a once in a lifetime treatment. It is really expensive but for a special occasion, it is definitely an interactive and memorable experience we will remember forever.

Awili Spa at the Andaz Maui at Wailea

3550 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea, Hawaii, USA, 96753

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