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maui november 2009 – day 3

This is Day 3 of our Maui November 2009 adventure.

Today we headed back to Kihei Caffe for breakfast again since we really liked it. I got the bircher muesli which was delicious. It’s like cold, sweet oatmeal with raisins and bananas. It was creamy and seemed sorta healthy, but it tasted sooo good! My husband got the cinnamon roll French toast which he thoroughly enjoyed.

my “healthy” oatmeal


After breakfast we headed to one of the beaches in Wailea/Makena, but our first stop was to rent snorkel gear from Snorkel Bobs. It was a super easy transaction and we were in and out in under 20 minutes. The gear was good quality and comfortable too (we didn’t get the really cheap gear, but the next level above it. I highly recommend those if you plan on snorkeling a lot).

We weren’t sure of the name of the beach we went to, but it was in the ubiquitous blue book. All I remember is that it is before Big Beach, and there is a parking lot and an older hotel/building (looked unoccupied) and a short walk past the parking lot brought us to the lovely sandy beach. I think it might be Ulua beach but I am not entirely sure (anyone know?). The beach is pretty small, and there were some people already there. This beach had the most incredible snorkeling. We swam with 2 giant sea turtles! We also saw a ton of fish, but the turtles really blew us away. I have never swam so close to one ever. Amazing. I took some underwater pictures too with a waterproof point and shoot.

view at the beach


view above water


view in the water – look a honu (sea turtle)!


such a super cool moment…..


us…enjoying ourselves…a lot


We swam and laid out on the beach for a few hours, by then it was lunch so we went to Da Kitchen Express in Kihei for a quick meal. It’s counter service-only there and prices are very reasonable and portions large. I got the Won Fat Guys Chow Fun and my husband got the Hawaiian Plate. My chow fun was ok – I didn’t love it. I’m more used to Cantonese style chow-fun we get here in NYC, so this is a bit different, doughier, and sweeter in flavor because it had teri beef in it. I still ate it since I was so hungry from snorkeling. The Hawaiian Plate was great though, lots of juicy kalua pork, lau lau, chicken long rice, and lomi salmon. It was my first time trying most of these things and it was pretty good. I normally am not a pulled pork kind of person, but the kalua pork was really juicy and flavorful.

won fat guys chow fun…more like chow kinda meh


hawaiian plate…not pictured is the small container of lomi salmon


After lunch we decided to check out Local Boys Shave Ice. We got a huge shave ice. I got my usual triple L combo but this time with a cream top. Sooooo good! We walked around the market place a bit. I don’t really remember buying much but I did buy a pretty black beaded top which I still wear.

local boyz


looks so yum, steve is eyeing my shave ice


That evening we were going to Spago at the Four Seasons for dinner. I had read their menu online and I was pretty excited to try out some items. We relaxed a bit at the Maui Coast pool, which was small, but cute. Then we took a nap in the room before heading out for a sunset dinner.

The Four Seasons is a beautiful established hotel, I can definitely see why it has one of the highest price tags in all of Maui. It has a gorgeous beachfront location and the pools look luscious. It doesn’t have a typical “modern” hotel vibe, but it was more old-school and classic.

Four seasons hotel lobby lounge


dining at spago


beautiful views


We were seated at Spago immediately and right by the edge of the restaurant so we can overlook the beach and pools.I was disappointed upon reading the menu that they didn’t have the whole wok fried moi which was what I wanted to try. So in the end, we decided to get the tasting menu. It was 125 pp without drinks, but I figure it was our anniversary so we could splurge. Unfortunately this did not turn out to be one of the better meals we had. I mean it was all good, but I felt that they could have done better. The tuna tartar cones were good, but then 2 other courses involving tuna came out after – so it felt every dish had the same ingredient. Also, the sauces on some of the meats and fish were overpowering the delicate flavor. I think I have just had better elsewhere. Dessert however, was wonderful and it included a mini island milkshake (yum) and they gifted us an extra chocolate cake because of our anniversary. They even wrote Happy Anniversary on the plate!

tuna poke cones, there were pretty good


tuna tartare


not sure what it was…probably tuna


seafood risotto….good but also tasted like tuna


a lovely gesture


We asked the waitress to take a picture of us and the pretty sunset. It came out well.

our only sunset pic together


Overall another great day in paradise. Can’t wait for Day 4 where we experience sunrise at Haleakala and zipline for the first time!

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