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Oahu March 2013 – Day 7 Part 1

A continuation of our Oahu trip report below…more Disney posts to come too!

Day 7 Part 1:  Nuts, Balls, “Where’s my camera?!?”, and Shrimp

We woke up ready and excited to head to the North Shore where we will be staying at Turtle Bay Resort for 3 nights. We didn’t let last night’s awful dinner put a damper in our spirits. We have been to Hawaii many times and that was the first real let down we’ve experienced, and as you can see, we’ve eaten at a lot of different places. It was bound to happen, I guess. Our check-out time at the condo wasn’t until 11am and since we were all packed already, we were able to enjoy Waikiki for a little longer. We like to help out the cleaning people by throwing the towels/sheets in the wash before we leave so that’s what we did. We then decided to have our last Waikiki breakfast at our favorite, Wailana Coffee House.

We drove over and parked in the lot below (remember only 75 cents with validation!). Steve of course orders the Irish breakfast again. I asked why doesn’t he try something new? He is the sort of person who must always get the best deal – regardless. So there was no changing his mind. I ordered a bowl of muesli this time. I must say the portion of muesli was huge compared to the cup. After breakfast we drove back to the condo but halfway there I told my husband to drop me off at International Marketplace so I could look around for some cute outfits for my niece. I bought some really cute dresses at a great price. I negotiated a bit too and managed to get the tax taken off.

Miss Eva in her Hawaiian dress we got her from International Marketplace

After shopping, we loaded up the hulk of a jeep and made our way out of Waikiki. We took the H-3 highway again just because we love that highway. There wasn’t too much traffic luckily and we had a nice drive up the Kamehameha Hwy. We stopped at Tropical Farms Mac Nuts to visit. It was our first time there and I was surprised at the number of people there. Seems that it’s fast becoming a type of Dole Plantation itself. The fun part was out back there is a huge, and I mean huge crate of raw  mac nuts in their shell which you can help yourself to and crack open using rocks. That was fun (and tasty). You can also sample all the different mac nuts they had as well – I bought a few bags for my family back home. There are also vendors selling jewelry, bath products, etc. I can’t remember if the prices were better than others, but I didn’t think they were.

Where are we again?

Crack them open with the rocks provided

Mac nut goodness!

We continued north and I knew I wanted to stop by the “Donkey Balls” store. They are these gourmet chocolate covered mac nuts with cute names like “flaky balls” with coconut, “fire balls” with cayenne pepper, etc. If you’ve read my last Trip Report we went to the store on the Big Island and it’s a favorite of mine. It turns out that the Oahu store had new ownership and was now called Fine Ass Chocolates. Same stuff, just nicer more elegant packaging (still crass names though). These are really popular with my friends so I went in and bought a number of bags. They have dark and milk chocolate versions of the balls and you can also sample anything you want. The lady there was super nice and she spoke to us for a bit telling us about the company and the recent name change. If you like them on Facebook you get 10% and if you check-in you get another 10% on top of that. Yay for social media discounts! These tasty balls of goodness don’t come cheap. You have to pay for your yummy balls. Update 2016: The store has now moved back to Honoulu’s Chinatown Area.

No longer in this location but Fine Ass chocolates are quite good!

It was then I realized that my point and shoot camera was missing…I searched everywhere. All my bags, all over the car…it was gone. I knew I had it when we left Waikiki because I took pictures while on the H-3. I guess it’s back to Tropical farms to look for it…so we got in the car and drove back the few miles to Tropical Farms. I checked the parking lot while the hubs went inside. To my relief he comes out with camera in tow!! Whew. Turns out I had dropped it in the parking lot and someone had found it, luckily it wasn’t run over. A big Mahalo to Tropical Farms and to the good Samaritan who turned it in.

Thank you to whoever turned my camera in!

So we had to backtrack a bit and now at this point, we’re a little hungry…but we were on the North shore and that means one thing…SHRIMP TRUCKS!! So we rolled into Romy’s in Kahuku which we had really enjoyed last time.


The wait was about 30 minutes. We ordered the garlic shrimp and the steamed shrimp – boy were they good. The steamed shrimp was my favorite as it was steamed with their heads still on, and it keeps all the good shrimpy flavor intact. Plus, the texture of the shrimp when steamed whole was really nice. There was a nice chili-soy dipping sauce which was delicious. We also loved the garlic shrimp, where the shrimp are sauteed in a pungent garlic butter, served with white rice, the rice sopped up all the garlicky goodness and was soo yummy! Yes, it’s a bit messy but they do have a large sink to clean wash your hands. I would recommend some antibacterial hand gel, or wipes as well. I was going to see how many shrimp trucks we could eat at on our 3 days…would we get sick of shrimp before long? Hmm, only time will tell.  Here a pic of our yummy shrimp:

top – garlic shrimp, bottom – steamed shrimp with the heads still on…my favorite part is sucking the juices from the head. sooo goooood

Coming up…our check-in to the Turtle Bay Resort and one of the best meals we’ve eaten in Hawaii!

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