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Oahu March 2013 – Day 1

Our latest Oahu Trip report…

Day 1: Departing the cold…with a cold

Departing cold NYC

Our flights left New York’s JFK at 9:00am. We were able to sit in the 2-top seats, so it was just the two of us which was nice. Lot’s of Alohas from the flight attendants. We’re so ready for this!! My husband starts sneezing as we departed. I thought it was just dust. We watched movies on our ipad on the 10+hour flight…midway through Skyfall, I look at him and he’s just a mess. Congestion, cough, and a slight fever…oh dear. Not a good start to the vacation. I gave him some cold medicine and Advil PM which I carry in my travel bag so he can just sleep it off. He tries to as best he can. By the time we arrive in HNL, he sounds like he has bronchitis and a hoarse voice, but luckily the fever seems to be gone.

The good news is that we arrive to bright sunny skies, no rain in sight! We land at around 2:45pm local time. No wasting time for us…the hubs goes off to pick up our rental car from Alamo, and I stand to wait for our luggage at baggage claim. We did this on our last trip and found it a good time saver. I get our bags pretty quickly and stand outside to wait for him. There is a pretty strong breeze at this time and I actually thought it felt chilly!

First sight of Oahu on the plane

My husband drove up in the biggest forest green Jeep ever. I had rented a mid-size SUV from priceline at a great rate. It was such a good rate that I had to call up priceline customer service just to make sure that this rate was for real. (they said it was). But this Jeep seemed a lot bigger than just a mid-size to me. Turns out he was about to leave the lot with a Subaru Forester but noticed that it was a bit banged and scratched up. So they allowed him to switch SUVs and this one was the only other one available. I hoped that it fit in the little parking space provided with our condo.

We usually travel with a portable GPS and I highly recommend it. Since I am usually a pretty dismal map reader, I would have been no help in the passenger seat. It was already pre-programed with addresses from our last visit (June 2012, you may have already read my other trip report for Oahu (and Big Island too), so that made it more convenient for us. My husband was having a hard time trying to get rid of his congestion, so our first stop was Don Quijote – what I call the Asian Target. They pretty much have everything Target has, with the addition of Asian foodstuffs and products. We bought enough cold medicine to last 2 weeks, water, soda, juice, coffee, and snacks. Of course I couldn’t resist my favorite golden-flesh papayas, and I found a ripe pile of Laie-grown papayas as big as my head! So a couple of those went in the cart with us too (and a nice juicy lime). Why oh why is produce so much better here!?! The avocados were so big and buttery looking, and so much cheaper than what passes for avocados in New York.

We are big foodies, and a big part of why I chose Oahu over other islands was because of the amazing array of restaurants and foods on this island. I wanted this primarily to be a food-centric trip, and I had crafted a plan of attack at different food spots around Oahu. Although now with my husband’s poor appetite (he claimed he couldn’t taste anything at this point) – we weren’t sure just how much of the plan we’d be keeping to. Nonetheless we weren’t planning on cooking all that order propecia australia much. My poor husband looked like he was going to pass out so we hurried out of Don Quijote and drove to Waikiki.

Our unit at the Waikiki Fairway Villas is a small studio-sized apartment with a full kitchen, washer dryer, and most importantly, parking! Luckily our hulk of a car managed to pass the clearance of the parking lot (just barely). We’ve stayed in this unit before and the prices cannot be beat for a nice renovated unit in the heart of Waikiki. There are a few downsides – the pool is rather small and located on the roof and it was always windy and cold up there. The bathroom in the unit is also a bit small, but nicely decorated with natural stone and tile. When I started my search for March, I realized we had some slim pickings because almost all the good condos in our price range were taken! Luckily there was a gap in between stays at this condo which we managed to squeeze in to work with our dates.

the interior of the condo/studio – a little small but has everything you need

View of the Ala Wai canal

Steve downed the cold medicine and proceeds to take a long nap. During this time, I unpack and put everything away, and also manage to make short work of one of the papayas. I ate out on the lanai which had a view of the Ala Wai canal. Ahhhh….

When the hubs woke up, I was starving, so we headed out to get some grub, I originally wanted to do a run of different take out spots and eat back at our condo since I knew we’d be to tired for a full sit-down dinner, but with Steve as ill as he was, I thought we should just do one place…initially it was to be Rainbow Drive-In but we checked and they were sold out of their shoyu chicken for that day (chicken thighs braised in a sweet and garlicky soy sauce). It was also surprisingly chilly that night – cold enough for a sweatshirt or light jacket so I knew we had to decide fast.

I realized then that we were a few blocks away from A Place to Eat, a fairly new take out place popular with the university crowd. We also had a Groupon for this! So we make our way there and park along the side road. The menu consists of gourmet takes on local favorites including fried soba, kalua pig quesadillas, and mahi mahi. I get the scallops adobo served over rice, and hubs gets the fried soba. The chef is a nice friendly guy who also took our order at the counter. We decided to just eat there so we settled into a table. There were students and a few families there and the place was about half full.

Our food comes out piping hot, served by the chef, in nice biodegradable take out containers. My scallops adobo were delicious. It didn’t seem like typical Filipino adobo, which has more of a soy-vinegar glaze, but it had a creamier, almost mushroom-y type gravy which hinted of white wine, garlic, and heavy cream. The scallops were large and perfectly cooked. The hubs soba was not bad, it had lots and lots of fresh vegetables, and a subtle wok-charred flavor but since hubs can’t taste anything that isn’t’ pungent, we both agree that the garlicky adobo scallops were the winner. It could do with a little less salt though, but I guess that’s what the rice is for!

Sorry, no food pics…weren’t able to get any before we chowed it down!

Back at the condo, we called it a night…I was just about to turn the lights out…when I let out a loud “AH CHOO!!!” Oh no! Was I gonna be sick too? I guess it was inevitable…

Stay tuned for the next day

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