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Hawaii With Friends Day 8: Chillaxin’ in Waikiki

We decided on our last full day to take it easy in the Waikiki area. We started with a delicious breakfast at Café Lani at Ala Moana Shopping Center. We returned here because we had a great meal earlier in the week with our friends so we decided to try brunch. They have soufflé omelets which are the size of my head, but very light and fluffy so they aren’t as dense as you think. Everything tasted great and the unlimited bread is and always welcome. 🙂

Outside Cafe Lani and their “plastic” food displays

Breakfast/brunch menu

Everything looked so tasty!

Smoked salmon and ikura salad

Big and fluffy souffle omelet!

It’s huge! Luckily it’s very light.

We made a stop at Costco to buy chocolates and mac nuts gifts for people back home. Steve then went to rent a stand up paddleboard while I continued walking around Waikiki shopping for X-mas presents. I had a lot of luck at the new International Marketplace and bought some Honolulu Cookie Co. tins which are always a big hit. I even got myself a snack at the new Matcha Café Maiko which specializes in green tea ice cream. I’ve never had green tea ice cream packed full of matcha flavor, and it was a deep dark green, not the pale green I’m used too. I got a parfait which was delicious and had mochi, fruit, and chunks of cake in it.

Matcha Cafe Maiko menu

Delicious green tea parfait

Matcha Café Maiko is right next to Marukame Udon, the ever-popular fast-style udon place so we had a late lunch there before heading to our spa treatments. We shared a giant bowl of their beef udon topped with an onsen egg. It was very good. We went at about 3pm and the place was still packed with a short line, not as bad as during the peak times where the line snakes around. It does move fast though, but sometimes seating can be a pain to find.

Marukame Udon

In addition to ther homemade udon, they have musubi for sale

An extra large beef udon with onsen tamago (egg). Yum!

Our spa treatments were at the Laakea Spa at the Outrigger Reef. We had a couples massage and salt room sauna package. The salt room is a little hokey but it was just more time to relax. The spa itself is ok, not exceptionally luxurious but our massages were great and we got the couples package at a good price compared to other hotel spas in the area.

La’akea Spa at the Outrigger Reef. You can get some deals via Groupon or Living Social if you’re lucky!

Himilayan Salt room

The benefits of salt treatment are detoxifying and decongestion.

We ended the night with another shave ice at the Island vintage kiosk, and poke bowls from Maguro Brothers Lewers, which is a little take out window with fresh sashimi/poke bowls. They were very good. We had been to their stall in Chinatown last year and they had just opened the Lewers St location in Waikiki a few months ago. The Waikiki location is only open at night, after they stop selling at their Chinatown location during the day. You’ll have to get your food to go, or eat right there in front of the storefront; we saw many people doing this to enjoy the bowl at it’s freshest!

Say the word poke and I’m there!

Maguro Brothers Waikiki menu (changes daily)

Just a walk up window in an alley in Waikiki

Tuna don with Uni!

It was our last night in Hawaii! We walked along the ocean breezes and stopped for a shave ice, of course. Sad to leave Hawaii the next day 🙁

Another Vintage Island shave ice! The Heavenly Lillikoi has some frozen yogurt in the middle which makes it sooo good!

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