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Hawaii With Friends Day 7: More North Shore Goodies

Today was our 7th day on the islands and my friends were departing Oahu later that day. Sad face! We had a last breakfast together at the Royal Hawaiian. Lana and Terry had generously accumulated enough breakfast vouchers for all of us to eat together. It was a nice little breakfast buffet plus some a la carte items – including the famous “pink pancakes”. We sat outside under pink umbrellas enjoying the view of Waikiki Beach. The Royal Hawaiian is a beautiful hotel but their pool is tiny. It looks like a little round “pond” which I thought was just the hot tub. Not a big deal when the beach is right there, but I feel like when you pay for a luxury resort in you should get a pool area to match. The infinity pool at the Sheraton looks much nicer

Buffet breakfast at the Royal Hawaiian

Pink guava pancakes – so cute!

We said our goodbyes as Steve and I still had 2 days left on Oahu to explore on our own. But first, we had a little photoshoot on the grounds of the Royal Hawaiian!

Us girls

Shaka Steve!

Steve and I set out to see more of the North Shore we didn’t get to on the previous day, while everyone else got ready for the airport. It had been a blast to share Hawaii with our friends and they fell in love with the Aloha spirit too!

We drove the central route up and stopped at the Dole Plantation, mainly to get some Dole whip and to have a look around. Yes it’s very touristy but I like to have a pit stop there and browse the shop, taste the pineapple, and I love Dole whip!

At the Dole Plantation

Farmer Steve

A pink pineapple

Got my Dole Whip float!

We continued on and ended up at Mokuleia beach which is further west that I have explored on the north shore. This is where parts of LOST was filmed, including the pilot episode. It’s a lovely, very empty beach; in fact I think I only saw 5 people at a time there. The water was a bit choppy and seaweed-y that day so we didn’t really go in but it was a very nice afternoon basking in the sun by ourselves. At one point we saw some horseback riders too.

Previously on LOST…

No smoke monsters here but there are horses!

We drove back to Haleiwa so I could shop around and I got some cute little artwork and some t-shirts from Happy Haleiwa, probably the cutest store on the island. I love it, and their North Shore location is the biggest.

Happy Haleiwa


Island Vintage iced coffee – a great pick me up!

Fueled up with some iced coffees from Island Vintage we headed back to Kahuku to enjoy an early dinner. I’ve always wanted to try the curries at Fiji Market so we headed there. The Fiji Market is a tiny little grocery store selling South pacific/Fijian products that are normally hard to find in most US areas. The little gem though is the window in the back of the store selling their made-to order curry plates to-go. We ordered the “corned beef” curry which is served with rice and roti. It was delicious and a huge portion big enough for the both of us and I.

Fiji Market Corned Beef Curry – so good!

I’d never tasted corned beef curry but heard it was a specialty. It was spicy and savory and really good. The roti was great as well. We ate at one of the few tables they had outside the store. I’d definitely come back and wish we had more time to spend trying out the other curries.

Delicious made-to-order, spicy and savory!

We also grabbed a poke bowl from the Kahuku Superette which is across the street. It’s a great poke bowl, one of the best on the island I’ve decided.

Delicious poke bowl from Kahuku Superette

Coming up, our last few days on Oahu!

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