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Disney Fantasy Star Wars Day at Sea Cruise Day 1 Part 3 – Dinner at Royal Court

We had late seating meaning we had dinner at 8:15pm, which meant we always had to catch the earlier show at the Walt Disney Theatre, at 6:15pm. So not sure how the crowds were going to be, we headed to the theater a little early, at 5:45pm.

It was a breezy night as we walked to Deck 4, which is the upper seating for the Walt Disney Theater.

[?IMG]Deck 4 was pretty empty at this time, either people were going to the welcome show in the theater or were at first dinner seating which started at 5:45pm.

We watched the show which was the welcome show called A Fantasy Come True. It was cute, and it also introduced us to some of the variety acts performing that week. Buckets and Boards were a musical group playing on, you guessed, it buckets, and boards and all things random! They were especially good and funny.. If I were to miss a show on the Fantasy for dinner at Palo or Remy though, I would be ok with missing the first show which is usually the welcome show, even though I think everyone should watch it at least once.

It was back to the Atrium so we could get all our character pictures before dinner. There was usually about a hour to kill right after the show and before dinner. I went to visit the stores which were now open. Holy Star Wars Merchandise Batman! Some cool stuff here, definitely. I remember I had pre-ordered all this merchandise which I still had to pick up. I made a note to pick it up the next morning since I didn’t feel like picking it up now.


[?IMG]I really liked the Captain of the Ship t-shirt for Steve so I made a mental note to pick it up later.

Here are some character pics we took before dinner. The Shutters photography automatically puts borders on each one of them.

[?IMG]Ok now that the pictures were over it was finally time for dinner! We were really hungry at this point! We walked into Royal Court and met our head waiter, Lee. He had someone bring us over to table 95 which would be our table number for the week. It was off in one of the more private sections of the restaurant. I would have liked to eat in the main part of the restaurant but it was actually quiet in this section and we were able to talk.

[?IMG]One of the “rooms” in Royal Court.

Our bread “basket.” I love these! I totally want one.

We’re ready for our first dinner on the cruise!

We met our service team for the week, our head waiter Nyoman from Indonesia, and his assistant, Joseph from the Philippines. They were both great and tried their best to get us anything we needed. To drink I got an iced tea, Steve got a diet coke, and Su-Queen got a ginger ale. These drinks were brought to us each night at dinner without us asking. It’s so nice to have people bring you things you want without you asking! #spoiledbytheDisneyFantasy

Our bread this evening was a warm herb brioche with an olive spread:

As appetizers we all got the iced lobster and shrimp. I also got an order of the escargot to share with Steve and we got an order of the breaded fried brie for the table.

[?IMG]All our appetizers were great! As entrees, Steve got the salmon, I got the seared duck breast, and my sister got the pasta.

[?IMG]Everything was pretty good. My duck was a little tough but I liked the crispy skin. Steve liked his salmon a lot. Su-Queen thought her pasta was good but not great.

For dessert, I got one of my favorite desserts from last year (on the Magic in Lumiere’s) – the Gran Marnier souffle. Sooo good!

[?IMG]Su-Queen got a sundae and Steve got the mango cheesecake.

[?IMG]A sundae with Mickey is always better!

[?IMG]Overall a nice start to our dinner service with our team, Lee, Nyoman, and Joseph! Joseph kept trying to stump us with riddles. It was fun but we got most of them right anyways. Haha.

After dinner, I really wanted to check out the adult bar areas so we headed to the Europa section on Deck 4. This place is amazing. There are different bars, all interconnected, each one with a different and unique theme. Tonight we visited Skyline Lounge first, where every 12 minutes a different European skyline scene will be displayed on the screens. When we arrived, it was Paris.

[?IMG]I loved how the menus lit up so you can see it in the dim light.

[?IMG]I ordered a cocktail – I can’t remember which one it was though but I told them I wanted something fruity and not too sweet. It had a citrus-passionfruit-y taste and was really good. There was a small jug of prosecco that you pour into the top of the cocktail so that it kind of bubbles and fizzes.

[?IMG]Want to see a special Disney touch? In each of the scenes, it’s not completely still, there are digital “people” in each city scape walking around. It’s really cool. Oh and because it’s Star Wars Day at Sea? They were all JEDI. I just about died.

[?IMG]Can you see the Jedi???

[?IMG]This was just the most magical touch! The Skyline then turned to London and then Istanbul before we left. It’s super cool to watch! It changes every 12 minutes.

After Skyline, we headed to The Tube where they were having a game of Match your Mate. It was really funny, like the newlywed game, but we were so tired at that point that we just watched a few rounds and then headed back to the stateroom to crash.

[?IMG]When we got back to our stateroom, we saw our first towel/blanket animal!

[?IMG]Is it a Lobster?

What a great first day on the Fantasy!! We accomplished a lot and now we have the rest of the week to look forward to! Coming up on Day 2 which is our first sea day…our first visit to the Rainforest Room, brunch at Remy, mixology, and a whole lot more…!!?

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