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Oahu 2015 – Bonus Day 8: Bill’s Sydney and Departing Oahu

(Sorry for the lull in updating…we have just returned from a 2 week vacation – a week-long Disney Cruise and a week at Walt Disney World to celebrate my birthday! The cruise was especially wonderful because it featured a Star Wars Day at Sea. Pretty freakin’ awesome for Star Wars fans like us. I’ll be featuring the cruise on my blog so stay tuned for that!) …and now the conclusion of our Oahu Nov 2015 trip…

The next morning we woke up to embrace the day – our extra day on Oahu! I’ve never been so happy about a flight delay before. We got dressed for the beach and walked over to the Waikiki Beachwalk again. Breakfast today was at Bill’s Sydney. The restaurant is gorgeous, it is two levels with the main dining level being on the 2nd floor, and it is huge, with high vaulted ceilings in natural wood. I had heard so much about their ricotta hotcakes so that’s what I ordered. Steve got a traditional Aussie breakfast (Chef Bill Granger hails from Australia). I loved eating in the bright airy space. The pancakes were absolutely delicious. They were perfectly cooked and had a great flavor. They were served with honeycomb butter and bananas. Steve’s breakfast was pretty good but by comparison it was a standard breakfast platter although the eggs were scrambled really well.

In the lobby of Bill’s Sydney in Waikiki

Ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter. Delicious!

Traditional Aussie breakfast

After breakfast we hit Waikiki beach for our last dose of sun and sand! It was a beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the beach for the last time.

An extra day in Hawaii means more time in the sun and sand!

Soon it was time to pack up (again), and leave for the airport. We made a quick stop at Don Quixote for some lunch bentos and poke to-go to eat in the airport/plane.

We will miss these fresh poke bowls

Our flight back to Newark was actually barely half full. I guess most people had found other flights while we basked in the glory of an extra day on the islands. Luckily we did not need to be at work until the next day anyways. We each got our own window seats and were able to get some rest.

An empty plane back to NYC!

Even though we’re heading home, I love this view of Diamond Head from the plane.

Sad to go home but it was a very fun and productive trip. I really love Oahu and it is constantly changing. We are big foodies so we love all that Oahu has to offer. It has the cosmopolitan vibe that we crave but combined with Hawaii’s natural beauty and Aloha it is just a perfect balance of everything. Can’t wait for our next trip, which is happening a lot sooner than I thought…November 2016!! Details to come. Read more about our November 2016 trip to Oahu.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting about our epic Disney cruise shortly…

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