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A MAGICal Cruise with Disney: Castaway Cay

On our last full day of our May 2015 Disney Cruise on the Magic, we visited Disney’s famed private island, Castaway Cay. I’ve seen many pictures of this gorgeous island, and let me tell you, it’s even more beautiful in person! We were blessed with very good weather on this entire cruise, and this day on Castaway Cay was no exception. In fact, when the Captain announced our arrival, he said this was the nicest day out of the whole year so far on the island!

Docked at Castaway Cay! View from our verandah

We couldn’t wait to see Castaway Cay for ourselves! Steve and I grabbed our usual breakfast at Cabanas and then headed out early while everyone else was still stirring. Note, the wave phones do work on Castaway Cay! We were finally able to keep in touch off the boat!

Look who we saw on the way out!

Aloha Stitch!

The first thing I noticed about Castaway Cay is how beautifully manicured it looked…It looked like the streets of Disney World! Everything is paved nicely and all the shrubbery is trimmed.

View of the Disney Magic as we walked on Castaway Cay

There are a few beaches on Castaway Cay. The family beach is a short walk away from where the ship is docked, or you can take the tram!

Tram to various locations on Castaway Cay

Tram to the family beach

When you first get off the tram you’ll notice the stores with Castaway Cay merchandise. It feels like Disney!

Buy the Seashore is the store which sold Disney merchandise exclusive to Castaway Cay

This is the family beach at Castaway Cay

The beach is beautiful, with white sand and clear water…Steve and I decided to try the slide while waiting for everyone…twice! It was fun. There are 2 sides, one covered so it’s dark, and one open. The one in the dark is obviously scarier. Steve went on that one while I stuck to the open one.

Waterslides in the distance.

Quite a stunning beach

You’ll notice that there is definitely a lot of people and it got progressively more crowded during the day as people got off the ship…but the area is large and unless you plan on swimming laps, I think it was more than enough space to splash around.

There were a lot of people at the family beach but it was still lots of fun.

Soon Maddie and team joined us!

Maddie loved picking up the seashells

We hung around the beach area having fun in the water. Maddie had a great time! Soon it was time for lunch, and nearby was Cookies Too, the barbecue buffet that is part of the cruise. Everything on the island aside from specialty drinks and cocktails (and souvenirs you buy!) are included in the price of your cruise!

Cookies Too BBQ

Food was served buffet style, and had your typical ribs, burgers, chicken, corn, and a fixins bar. They also had fish and healthier options like salads, cous cous, and plenty of fruit. I would stay clear of the burgers as they tended to be dry though. The ribs were quite good!

Buffet options at Cookies Too

Tropical fruit

There was a large purchase lamisil covered seating area next to the buffet with picnic-style tables. It got crowded during prime lunchtime but it was a very big space.

Covered seating area

There were also soda machines and soft serve ice cream! I love how Disney includes soda and iced tea in the price of their cruise so you don’t need to purchase an extra soda package or a drink with each meal. I don’t really drink soda but I definitely drank lots of iced teas! Their ice cream is very good quality creamy soft serve, not the icy, grainy stuff you find at some buffets and all-inclusive resorts.

Ice cream and drink machines

After lunch Steve and I decided to explore the adults-only beach, Serenity Bay. We took another tram to that section of the island. It was like night and day! Although the family beach was beautiful, there were definitely a lot of people. In contrast, Serenity Bay was empty!

Approaching Serenity Bay

We overheard a Cast Member say, wow Serenity Bay is kinda crowded today huh? OK, if this is crowded, a regular cruise must be deserted!

This was a “crowded” day

The water at Serenity Bay was just beautiful. The water was also very shallow allowing you to venture out until the end of the ropes and it still was only about chest-high. Most of it was only waist-high! This allowed you to really relax and wander around at your leisure. The water was warm and crystal clear too. It was absolutely wonderful, one of the best beaches I’ve been on (and I’ve been to many!).

Gorgeous water

We spent a lot of time in the water and lounging around those 2 chairs you see in the picture above. It was a gorgeous day but the sun was strong! I didn’t realize it but I got very tan that day!

We didn’t want to leave!

It was hard to pry ourselves away but we wanted to check out the adult buffet right next door. They had the same options as Cookies Too but they also had steak!

Grilled steak at Serenity Bay

Steve’s parents decided to check out Serenity Bay too!

We didn’t purchase any activities on Castaway Cay but there are plenty of things to do…snorkeling, biking, float rental, you can even feed stingrays! Steve’s brother rented a bike and went around the island himself. It sounded like a fun activity, but I can’t ride a bike (I never really learned and now I’m just too old) haha.

Towards the end of our time at Castaway Cay, we headed back to the ship since we were all sunned out.

The Magic really is a stunning ship.

Walking back to the Magic

Our port-side room faced part of the dock at Castaway Cay. If you are starboard, you get a view of the beaches. Definitely getting a starboard room next time!

View from our verandah

We had an awesome time at Castaway Cay! It is one of the most beautiful Bahamian islands, and it’s a plus that it’s owned by Disney, therefore the service and ambiance are top-notch!

Coming up, our last night on the cruise…dinner was back at Animator’s Palate, and a bunch of character meets!

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