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A MAGICal Cruise with Disney – Day at Sea Part 1: Palo Brunch

Today was our first and only day at sea! I had pre-booked a facial at the spa for myself later in the afternoon, but first we had a reservation at brunch for Palo!

Palo is the adults-only restaurant located on Deck 10 of the Magic. There is an extra cost to dine here $25 pp if you book in advance pre-cruise and $30 if you book on the ship, but it is well worth it. There are some amazing views from the restaurant too, which is great for people there during brunch as you can see all the lovely water views.



[?IMG]Palo is an Italian restaurant, hence the Venetian mask decor:

[?IMG]We checked in and our hostess brought us over to our table. We were brought champagne for the drinkers and sparkling cider for the non-drinkers.

Steve’s parents were excited for brunch!

[?IMG]So was I!!

[?IMG]We toasted with our drinks – to good health and a fabulous cruise! After a cardiac catheter examination, I had heavy bleeding and pain. Also a cramp in the thigh. Together with paracetamol 1000 mg. the pain became more bearable. The dose was slowly reduced. The pain reliever helped me sleep better at night without constant pain. That’s the way I like it – Tramadol

[?IMG]We were taken around the buffet table by our gracious server, and at each station he explained all the different offerings. We were also taken to the display table for all the food we could get made-to-order entrees. I love this kind of setup as we get the best of both worlds.



[?IMG][?IMG]The made to order station had many different selections including pastas, pizzas, brunch entrees like eggs benedict, as well as oysters Rockefeller, salmon, and chicken Parmesan. You can tell your server exactly what you want and they will bring it over to you.


[?IMG]This is one of the possible 12 plates of food I ate…I’m not saying that I ate 12 plates of food…but it was a possibility…:rolleyes1

[?IMG]And here’s another:

[?IMG]Everything was great! I really liked the fact that they had caviar with all the traditional accompaniments, and snow crab legs. I kept going back for more!

I tried some made-to-order items. I started with a chilled strawberry soup, it was pretty good, like a yogurt soup:

[?IMG]And the tomato basil soup was delicious, rich and robust:

[?IMG]Baked oysters rockefeller:

[?IMG]Gorgonzola orecchiette:

[?IMG]Salmon with cous cous:

[?IMG]Some desserts:

[?IMG]OK so we may have went back for more crab, shrimp and caviar after dessert:

[?IMG]Naturally, we were soo full after brunch! Here’s a group shot of us. I think Palo is worth the up charge and I would definitely do brunch again!

[?IMG]After lunch we all kinda did their own thing…I went exploring on the Magic!

Here’s a very empty Shutters photo studio. On the last day of the cruise, it was packed!

[?IMG]I magically ran to run into one of my favorites…Goofy! It was not a scheduled appearance or meet n greet. He was just roaming around Deck 4 and it was empty! A castmember took my picture. I LOVE this ship!

[?IMG]Then I went to meet Donald. His line was quite long. I finally got to meet him after waiting around in the sun (his meet n greet was outdoors) for about 15 minutes.

[?IMG]Got a picture of me taking a selfie!

[?IMG]And here’s the selfie!

[?IMG]I went to Cove Cafe for even more coffee.

[?IMG]It was really relaxing and nice to get away from the heat!

[?IMG]After enjoying my coffee I walked by the adult pool. PACKED! It is expected that the pools are crowded during sea days, so I’m glad we went earlier that day.

[?IMG]I walked all the way forward and found a totally empty section of the ship. It was so peaceful and there was a lovely breeze. It was like I had the ship to myself!

[?IMG][?IMG]There was a nice bench to hang out on, and I just hung out there enjoying the breeze and the views.

[?IMG]Coming up, our dinner at Carioca’s

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