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Oahu March 2013 – Aloha with a side of burger!

This is the last post in my long delayed 2013 Oahu Trip Report! Writing about my trips to Hawaii (and to Bali for that matter) help keep my memories warm while it is 18 degrees F outside. Brrr!

Day 10 – Our last day in paradise

We woke up the morning of our last day – and lo and behold, it was actually raining! This is the first time on all our Hawaii vacations that it has rained for an entire day. I guess it was best that it happened on our last day, maybe it’s to make departing Hawaii a little less painful. The view on the North shore even when it was misty and rainy was still beautiful.

We spent the morning eating breakfast and watching the rain come down and meet the waves from our lanai. After eating one last slice of pie (yes you can have pie for breakfast on vacation) and finishing up the rest of the fruit, we were packed and ready to leave. Check-out was very easy, I made sure our resort credit was applied while the hubs drove the jeep over to the covered driveway area and we loaded up the car and off we went! Since it was raining – there wasn’t much we could do, so we decided to drive down the H1, and maybe stop somewhere to eat, end up at Costco to fuel up, and then head to the airport.

Although today wasn’t this sunny, I’ll still really miss this view (taken the day before)

If there is one thing to eat during a cold and rainy day in Hawaii, it is saimin. Saimin is like the local version of a comforting chicken noodle soup for cold days. It is similar to ramen except that the broth is usually flavored differently and is more clear. It’s often garnished with vegetables, Chinese roast pork, and eaten with hot mustard and shoyu as a condiment. As we were driving down, we passed by Aiea, and a quick yelp search revealed a place specializing in saimin: Shiro’s Saimin Haven, so we quickly pulled into the small strip mall where it was located.

Shiro’s is an old-school family restaurant. If you’ve been to places like Hamura Saimin in Kauai, it is similar in style except instead of just a counter it was surprisingly large inside, with many booths and tables, so it was pretty good for families and groups. Definitely a local joint, which was what we were looking for. The menu is large, and serves up a variety of noodle soups with different accompaniments. Now it’s funny, but you can get a large bowl of noodles with a cheeseburger on the side. It’s one of the more purchase propecia finasteride popular “combos” at many local style items. Hubs thought it was really funny so he got that combo. I settled for a saimin and fried dumpling combo. Soon, our steaming hot bowls of noodle soup was set down before us. Perfect for a rainy day! The noodles were great – al dente and homemade, and the broth was delicious. My fried dumplings were crispy and not too heavy, and the hubs burger, was, well, a typical cheeseburger. He liked it and thought it was a winning combo. Instead of a burger and fries, a burger and saimin will do!

Even better, opt for a burger on the side!

Alas, our vacation was slowly winding down…after our hearty lunch we went a few doors down to Chun Wah Kam, which is a local chain of Chinese food specializing in noodles, dumplings and “manapua” in Hawaii. Manapua are basically large steamed or baked Chinese buns which are filled with anything from sweet roast pork to red bean. If you’ve had dim sum at Chinese restaurants you’ve probably had them before. The Manapua seems to be a Hawaiian name for them. I also picked up various dumplings to go which I could eat on the plane.

At Costco, we got gas, and then ran in to get one last giant box of mac nuts as gifts. It’s a good thing I brought 2 extra empty suitcases. (I packed a suitcase within a suitcase so we came with 2 but left with 4 fully loaded) Then it was time to say good bye for real as we approached Honolulu International Airport. Steve dropped me off at the Hawaiian Airlines gate and then went to return our car. I sat and waited for him until he returned on the Alamo shuttle, then we both went to check in together. We walked to the gate and waited for about 45 minutes before boarding. Note that there are very few outlets in the gate, in case you need to charge your phone, like we and everyone else wanted to do. Some people kindly offered to take turns with us to charge our portable electronics. It was still raining when we got on the plane, but even though the rain splattered windows, I knew we were leaving the land of sunshine and rainbows. Aloha! Until next time…

My lame napkin art

That’s the end of this Oahu Trip Report! Mahalo for reading!

Until next time!

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