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Bali Day 4 Part 1 – Heading to Seminyak

This post is part of our Bali 2014 Trip Report.

Today was our last morning at the Komaneka Bisma (sad face). Our driver was set to pick us up at noon to transport us down to our next destination, Seminyak. We packed up and ordered room service breakfast to enjoy our last moments in our beautiful pool villa. For breakfast we both ordered a version of the Bubur Ayam, which is a chicken rice porridge. I had the Balinese version and Steve got the Indonesian version. I thought both were pretty much the same thing, just served in different bowls!

Our last breakfast at the Komaneka Bisma

We enjoyed our massive private pool one last time. It was a joy to stay here, and I would absolutely recommend the Komaneka Bisma if you are in Ubud, especially if you can get one of the Pool Villas. In the grand scheme of things, a room like this can run you upwards of 800-1000 USD in any other location around the world, but in Bali it was a fraction of that cost so I thought it was well worth it to splurge a bit, especially since our flights were more or less covered by airline miles.

Our last moments in our pool villa.

Next time we’ll stay here a little longer.

After a morning of enjoying the pool one last time, we gave the front desk a call to help us with our bags. No less than 4 people showed up – and here’s the amazing thing: They hand-carried our bags all the way to the lobby. I told them that our bags are equipped with wheels and can just be rolled, but they were adamant in not rolling the bags on the stone walkways because the noise can be disruptive to other guests. Wow, that is some service! We tipped them generously and thanked them for their effort. We then headed to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat before our hour-long journey to Seminyak.

“Krupuk” or better known as shrimp chips, individually packaged to snack on with some sambal dipping sauce.

Chicken mango salad

Soto Ayam – Indonesian chicken soup, served with hard boiled eggs, shredded chicken, some veggies, and thin noodles.

Tempe and tofu curry. I actually love tempe (pressed soybean cakes) and I thought this was good! The curry was flavorful and thick with plenty of tofu and tempe chunks.

Our driver arrived promptly so we said our farewells to the wonderful staff at the Komaneka Bisma and headed on to Seminyak! Our driver suggested that we could stop by a few places which were on the way, a silver factory and a batik factory. We agreed even though we knew they were touristy, but we didn’t know if we’d have a chance to see such places in the next few days.

Our first stop was the silver factory, where fine silver jewelry is crafted from Indonesian silver. We took a tour of the factory and then went to their large showroom where they had many pieces of jewelry on display for sale. The prices are quite high but most of the jewelry is handmade and some look to be quite intricate. They also had some pieces with semi-precious stones. The showroom was nice because it was completely air-conditioned and it felt really good inside!

The silver jewelry factory. Pics are not allowed in the showroom but is ok in the factory itself.

A silver owl ring Steve purchased for me from the silver showroom.

Our next stop was the batik factory. Batik is a type of processing for fabric which results in intricate patterns and designs. They are usually handmade and the designs are drawn out with wax and then the fabric is dyed. It is quite amazing to see how detailed some of these designs were.

Some of the batik being worked on

The wax that is used to make the designs.

Like the silver factory, the batik showroom had many things which were quite pricey, buy propecia in the uk such as dresses and shirts constructed from the batik fabric. You could also buy the fabric in bulk from bolts which lined the showroom. However, there were quite a number of bargains in the back of the large showroom. Batik fabric scraps are used to construct little accessories like bags and table runners. These were a lot cheaper than the clothing so I bought a few. The batik showroom was not air conditioned (or at least not very well), so it was borderline stifling in there. Needless to say we didn’t spend too much time inside.

Some of the makeup bags I purchased at the batik factory

Throughout the time we spent at each factory, our driver waited patiently for us. They are used to this as there are designated waiting areas for drivers – they all seemed to be very used to this and I’m sure they probably get a commission or a fee for bringing their patrons here. I hope they don’t get too bored just waiting around though!

Soon we were heading further south to our destination of Seminyak which is an upscale beach community near the main tourist drag of Kuta. Once again we braved crazy traffic and the many motorcycles on the streets who wove in and out of traffic. What amazed me was that there families with kids all piled onto one scooter or motorcycle. It wasn’t uncommon to see a mom with a baby strapped to her chest and another one on her back driving a scooter. There was so much traffic as we got closer to our destination. With the stops we made along the way and all the traffic we had to sit through, it took us close to 2.5 hours to get to Seminyak.

Our resort, The Layar, was rather new so our driver didn’t know exactly where it was. He had to make a few calls and eventually we found the street our resort was on, which was equally as narrow as the one the Komaneka Bisma is on. The sign for The Layar was so tiny that we drove past it and our driver had to reverse a few meters.

The sign for The Layar is somewhere here.

We checked in, and were promptly given some refreshment. These layered juices were really cool!

Layered juices. Think the bottom was soursop (a sweet/tart flesh-y fruit), mango, and watermelon.

We were checked in pretty quickly and given a map of the compound and the surrounding area. They had an informal shuttle (technically a golf cart) which could take you within a half mile radius in Seminyak during certain hours. Breakfast had to be selected the night before either by calling the front desk or stopping by to fill in a breakfast form.

Surprisingly, there was also a representative from the Hu’u Villa who met us at the front desk. The Hu’u was the villa we booked initially but after some scheduling issue, we were moved to The Layar. I was disappointed of course, since the Hu’u had been my first choice, but the representatives offered us a certificate for a free night’s stay in the future, as well as providing our transportation back to the airport from The Layar, since The Layar did not offer complimentary transfers. I was appeased a bit, and I guess that means we’ll have to come back to Bali to use that free night! 🙂

The Layar staff took us by golf cart to our villa, although our villa was one of the closest to the front desk. We could have easily walked it! Upon first entering the villa, we were greeted with this view:

The huge pool at The Layar villa

Open concept living/dining/kitchen space.

The Layar really is a stunning villa. The angular roof, spacious open concept, and wide  pool area really made for a great first impression. However nice it may seem though, it wasn’t always practical. I will go into a full review of our villa at The Layar in my next post. Stay tuned for that review coming up soon!

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