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Bali Day 3 – Sang Spa, Dirty Duck Diner, Naughty Nuri’s Ribs

This post is part of our Bali 2014 Trip

Our third day in Ubud, Bali was equally as hot as the first two. We spent the morning in our pool (of course) before heading to the restaurant at the Komaneka Bisma to have our breakfast.

Mornings at our pool

Today I sampled a sweet Balinese banana dumpling and Steve had the Nasi Goreng, which means fried rice. The Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng spices are very similar and are usually served with a fried egg on top. This is combined with the usual coffee and fresh fruit.

My sweet Balinese dumpling breakfast, a large slice of banana is coated in a batter, steamed, and topped with coconut flakes that have been flavored gula melaka (molasses syrup). More gula melaka drizzled on top.

Steve’s Nasi Goreng. It was pretty good but not the best I’ve had. I did like how perfect their sunny side up eggs are though.

I liked the breakfast dumplings a lot – it wasn’t overly sweet and I enjoyed the flavors of banana and coconut. I really enjoy local dishes like these as it’s stuff we can’t get back home in NY.

After breakfast, we went back to our villa and swam even more! It was still really early at this time, so not a lot of places were be open. After a while, we decided we needed even more pampering, so we called up a local spa called Sang Spa and booked appointments for the both of us. The nice thing about this spa is that they had local pick up from our hotel so we didn’t have to get a taxi or shuttle. We booked 4 hour treatments as part of the Eat, Pray, Love package for the cost of 690,000 IDR per person. That worked out to about 55 USD each. Our treatments included a massage, body scrub, facial, lunch, and something called a hair creme bath which totally rocked my world.

Sang Spa is a chain of spas in Ubud. They have about 3 of them and we ended up at Sang Spa 3 which is located on Monkey Forest Road. They are at the mid price point, and are very popular. The spa isn’t luxurious or fancy, but I found they make up for that with their excellent therapists. They really know how to give a killer massage.

Couples massage room

Lunch is mainly a vegetarian affair and you choose your entrees from a menu before you start your treatments. Our massage and body scrubs were great. The body scrub left our skin very soft. You can choose the type of scrub you want. I believe Steve when with an herbal one and I got a coconut – scented scrub. We then had a flower petal bath and then you shower before coming back out of the treatment room for lunch.

Our lunch consisting of vegetarian nasi goreng, a vegetarian cap cay (like a stir fry) and a coconut drink for me! It was a nice light, spa-inspired lunch.

After lunch, you get to do your facial and hair creme bath. The hair creme bath treatment involves getting your hair shampooed and rinsed, and then you get the most amazing scalp massage with a special conditioner called a cream bath. It is very moisturizing and smells wonderful. They massage your neck, shoulders and arms too. After they are done with the massage, they wrap your hair and leave it to steam for 10-15 minutes.  It’s amazing! The whole treatment time lasts for about an hour. They really got to all the knots and kinks in my neck and shoulders which is where I carry a lot of tension. I loved it!

You can get a hair creme bath at almost any spa or salon and the costs is between 10-30 dollars depending on how nice the salon is and what type of products they use. At Sang Spa, I believe they used a brand called “Rejoice” but a lot of other places used a brand called “Good.” Both smell nice. Sometimes you can upgrade to a L’oreal product for a few extra dollars.

This was the steam after the head, neck, and shoulder massage.

Here’s an example of a hair cream bath product. This is one of the more expensive ones from L’oreal, and you can get it from amazon for about 25 bucks. But there are cheaper ones for less than 5 bucks.

After the treatment, you can opt to have your hair blown out  our just let it dry naturally. I still wanted to go swimming that day, so any blow-out would have been wasted so I opted not to do it. We left Sang Spa feeling relaxed and refreshed! I love spa treatments and getting them so cheap in Bali was just awesome.

We walked around a bit on Monkey Forest Road. It was really really hot so being outside was not so much fun even though there were lots to see walking around. We stopped at the Coco Supermarket for some air-conditioning and I found propecia order some of the Avocado Creambath Emulsion to take home. Each tub is about 2-3 dollars. We decided that since our veggie lunch wasn’t too filling we could continue on and have our second lunch (yes we are just like hobbits) at the famed Dirty Duck Diner (Bebek Bengil), which was a short walk away.

A short walk to the restaurant felt like forever in the heat! Luckily, we were rewarded with some beautiful views at the restaurant, and the open-air dining pavilion had some really nice breezes.

Bebek Bengil, the Dirty Duck Diner.

Gorgeous green rice paddy views. The color of the grass was unbelievable.

A Bintang radler for Steve (it tastes like a lemonade-beer combo, quite refreshing), and an avocado juice for me (it’s kind of like an avocado smoothie)

I ordered the specialty, which is the deep fried half duck, and Steve got a spicy steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf. We really enjoyed our food, with the star being the duck. It is a very small duck so the portion is perfect for one. I wouldn’t plan on sharing this.  🙂  The sambals (chili pastes and condiments) on the side gave perfect heat and extra flavor to the dish. Steve’s fish was a little overcooked but we liked the spicy paste it was cooked with.

My spicy duck served with rice and various sambal condiments. The duck looks dry but it was actually fried to a crisp, with juicy meat inside.

Steve’s steamed fish in banana leaf. I really liked the presentation of his rice!

Trio of sambals.

The sambal on the left looks like Sambal Matah (uncooked sambal with shallots,lemongrass, and torch ginger), and the one on the right looks like Sambal Terasi, which is cooked chilies with onion, shallots, garlic and fermented shrimp paste. The one on the top looks just like cut chillies in oil. They were all wonderful but I have a soft spot for Sambal Terasi as it tastes just like Sambal Belacan which is what I eat all the time. After our satisfying lunch, we took a few pictures at the restaurant before taking a taxi back to the Komaneka Bisma.

 Doesn’t my hair look softer from the hair creme bath? It’s frizzed up again by this point, but it felt really soft!

A nice panorama of the rice paddies at the Dirty Duck Diner

On the way back, the taxi driver passed the entrance to the Monkey Forest. You don’t actually have to go into the forest to see the monkeys as they were hanging out everywhere.

Monkey forest

Can you spot the monkeys?

An escapee enjoying a bite on the street

Back at the Bisma, it was afternoon tea time so we opted to have it in our villa again. They are always more than willing and happy to bring your food to you. I was getting used to this treatment! Today’s assortment of snacks were delicious as there were many local treats including this black rice cake, and pandan mochi with coconut (the green thing with shredded coconut).

Afternoon tea at the Bisma.

Savory selection of fried veggie tempura.

Pool time!

Some interesting snacks I picked up at the supermarket including: seaweed flavored chips, chili potato sticks, salmon teriyaki chips, and grilled beef flavored chips.

We laid out by the pool the entire rest of the afternoon and early evening. We kept saying we were going to go somewhere to eat but we ended up falling asleep for a few hours. When we awoke it was almost 9pm and we were hungry! We decided to go to another Ubud institution for dinner, Naughty Nuri’s. We caught a shuttle from the Bisma and it dropped us off in front of the restaurant.

naughty nuris

Naughty Nuri’s Warung in Ubud

Naughty Nuri’s is known for their delectable pork ribs. They are marinated and cooked on an open charcoal grill and served with a squeeze of lime and their famous spicy-sweet bbq/sambal sauce in squeeze bottles. It was mighty delicious, and the ribs were super tender and falling off the bone. The sauce was delicious as and I much prefer it over regular barbeque sauces because there was a unique “umami” flavor which I think comes from the addition of sambal or shrimp paste.

Grillin’ the ribs

Delicious ribs

They also have plenty of other grilled meats in case you don’t want ribs, but I would definitely stick to the ribs as they are really good. I’m now going to have to experiment with trying to re-create their barbeque sauce here in the US! We caught a taxi back to the Bisma, and got a good night’s sleep. It was our last night at the Bisma but we get to move to Seminyak tomorrow and view our new resort, the Layar! Stay tuned.

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