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Bali Day 2 Part 3 – Mozaic Ubud

This is part of our Bali 2014 Trip Report

After all our activities earlier that day, we were quite tired especially since we were still jetlagged. I began to think booking a fine dining experience on our first full day of our trip was a mistake, but we didn’t have much time in Ubud and I really wanted to try Mozaic, which is supposedly one of the best restaurants in Bali. So at 6pm, we got dressed and trudged out to the lobby of the Komaneka where we caught a shuttle to Mozaic Bali. The ride was less than 10 minutes by car to the restaurant.


Inside we were greeted and taken to the bar/lounge area where we could order a cocktail and wait for our table. There was only one other couple in the lounge at that time and they left right after we sat down, so we had the whole lounge to ourselves. The lounge area was partially air conditioned, and was decorated with modern furniture in cream, black, and red tones.

A posh but empty lounge area

The couches were comfy though!

After we each got an aperitif, we were shortly led out back, where the main part of the restaurant was. It was all open-air, and had a very romantic, forest-y vibe, albeit with an open kitchen and modern plantation furniture. It was dark at this time and the restaurant was dimly lit so sorry if my pics did not come out well. We each ordered a different tasting menu. Steve ordered the Grand Tasting, and I ordered the slightly more expensive “Surprise Menu”. Both included 6 courses, but mine was a chef’s choice tasting menu so I did not know what I was going to get ahead of time. I posted Steve’s dishes because his menu is available online. Through my sleepiness, I honestly could not remember exactly what was in my menu but I’ll try and explain them as best as I can.

Steve’s amuse bouche, think these were gougeres.

Crab and caviar cones for me

A centerpiece of local fruit and vegetables. The server would explain each one and what was used in each dish.

For me, fresh young coconut and black truffles

Seared Indian Ocean prawns for Steve with burnt cauliflower and torch ginger flower

This was an amazing presentation of fresh seafood including lobster, crab, scallop, prawn, served with 2 types of laksa-inspired pastes. The whole thing was served atop a dry-ice platter which made for a dramatic entrance. This was part of my Surprise menu.

 I posted the following video on my Instagram (@tifa2276) account:

Steve’s 3rd course was not as dramatic but very pretty in it’s own right…Warm maluku long pepper crusted yellowfin tuna with globe artichokes.

Quail 3 ways for me

Steve’s duck breast with foie gras, Sudanese ‘kluwek’, hazelnut and lemon. Sorry this pic is blurry!

Getting so so tired at this point…

I got venison, of which I am not actually a fan of, but I guess they didn’t really know that so it’s ok.

Steve got Kintamani suckling pork with young jackfruit

My cheese course that was more savory than sweet.

Mangosteen sorbet for Steve (he’s holding the cut mangosteen fruit from the center display)

Chocolate 3 ways for me – I forgot I told them it was our anniversary too so I was surprised to see the cute sign that said Happy Wedding Anniversary. Thanks Mozaic!

Steve got Bedugul lemon basil mousse, tumeric root sorbet and red wine sechuan pepper reduction.

We were so so full and tired at the end of our dinner. The fullness was in part due to the sleepiness. In all honestly if it were a regular, non-jet lag day I could have probably eaten more. (Check my post on another fine-dining experience at Per Se or Atera). I don’t actually suggest you go to Mozaic when you’re this tired, but regardless I enjoyed my time there and I’m glad I got to experience it though it was tough to stay awake! I thought the food was very unique and the presentation was beautiful. The food was good, and well prepared, but the outdoor setting made it kind of too warm for me to enjoy it completely. Service is reminisce of all 5-star restaurants. Sometimes the food wasn’t necessarily to my taste, but since I ordered the Surprise menu with no food aversions, it wasn’t their fault.  In a nutshell, Mozaic is a beautiful, intimate restaurant with a wonderful staff that does creative things with local ingredients and I love that idea. I don’t think it is a must do in Bali, or in Ubud for that matter, unless you really enjoy your fine dining experiences then go for it! I may actually go back again when we do revisit Bali, but we’ll be sure not to schedule it for our first full day  after 32 hours of traveling! After dinner, we took a taxi back to the Komaneka (very cheap!) and I passed out while Steve took a swim in the well-lit pool. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh

Villa pool at night

It was an amazing first day on Bali! Stay tuned for more spa treatments, eating and fun! Read more about our Bali 2014 Trip of a Lifetime.

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May 13, 2015 - 1:37 pm

kerry - I really can not say anything seeing these dishes, maybe just one word. UNIQUE. I have never seen such a dish with the presentation. Probably most people would say fancy dishes, and some others say is not tempting. But this dish is truly unique, may not satisfy, but will have its own thrill. This great Ubud culinery. nice post.

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