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Atera with Anne

Happy Birthday Anne! Since it’s your birthday I thought it would be a good idea to write a recap of our dinner last month at Atera.

My good friend, Anne, and I recently went to Atera before I left for Bali. We are both big “foodies” and agree that Atera is one of the most unique restaurants in NYC to splurge on. The menu varies seasonally, and you will always be entertained when dining there, since most sit along a large U-shaped counter around the kitchen where you can watch the chefs work their culinary magic.

Caviar | tapenade, burnt cream

Fluke | daikon, mushroom, wasabi

Fall Salad | yellow vegetables, gold leaf, yes gold!

Lamb Tartare | eggplant, nasturtium

Sea Urchin w/carrot – minus sauce


Sea Urchin, sauced

Trout Roe | squash, pumpkin seed

Smoked Trout | brown butter, liver, Queen Anne’s Lace (how appropriate Anne!)

Trout Liver | apple, brown butter

Lobster Roll

Geoduck | lardo, air baguette

Look at the light and fluffy “air baguette”

Pig Blood Tart | tomato jam, black truffle, burgundy oxalis

Hushpuppy | smoked yolk, corn

Beet Jerky | strained buttermilk

Smoked Mussels | mussel jus, purple carrot

Chicken Dumpling | citrus sudashi, black truffle

Lubina | cranberry bean, okra

Abalone | wheat berry, pork, emerald ice lettuce


Roasted Duck | dirty rice, green tea, wrinkled crinkled cress

Raspberry Sorbet | licorice caramel

Almond and Grapes | buckler leaf

Roasted Squash | marshmallow, brown butter

I love these chocolates and the way they are presented.

A really great cappucinno. They also have an amazing tea service, which I’m going to try next time.

 Thank you Atera for another unforgettable meal.

Happy Birthday Anne! When are we going to go again?

Atera | 77 Worth Street New York, NY | Tasting menu is 225 with optional beverage pairing.

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